@Ronflaix sun's out so i'll go walk Ribizli and then do some chores :blobuwu:

hopefully i'll also get the desktop machine set up today

@grainloom I have absolutely no clue. I just imagined the breakpoint column in VS full of red dots and everything went downhill from there

@Ronflaix i was gonna make a joke about that being an illustrated book of tales for kids, but they've made one for their home server product and now the idea just seems like insidious advertising for impressionable kids.... but feel free to steal it for cyberpunk worldbuilding

@grainloom Well we already have books like "javascript for kids"...

@Ronflaix but those are proper tutorials, the home server book just described vaguely what the server does and how all the neighbor kids will be jealous when they see its status light through your window.

@grainloom Oh dear, I just understood after rereading your toot. Damn.

@grainloom I'm halfway in work, working remote for what looks like the last two days of this job contract. It feels weird

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