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Hello, I'm Ronflaix, I'm a gameing engineing programmer.

I also do a few things on other platforms like Pico-8, the PlayDate (eventually) when I'm not trying to make my own engine.

And sometimes I scribble and doodle amateur pixel art, but it's not my forte.

I also know enough Blender-fu so I can do stuff on it, but I'm also pretty amateurish on that too.

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on the internet you're like
"ugh dont you hate it when youre washing a spoon and the water sprays in your face"
and everybody's like "haha yeah i relate to that, happened to me yesterday lol"
but there's one person who's like "actually... Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face, that is kind of my entire world... it means so much to me... and i wouldnt be here today with without it... the truth is that Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face got me through some tough times... got me through high school..."

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Un filtre audio qui coupe le son, c'est un filtre passe-pas.

Kinda wish Hugo had offline KaTeX pre-rendering

Je viens de voir une affiche pour Quick. Je croyais qu'ils avaient mis la clef sous la porte.

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your prefered date format?

(pls boost)

My brain misread my notification UI and suddenly I thought I got a Linked In undesired job DM in Tusky.

rant, expletives 

"This pages slows down Firefox."

How in the everloving fuck are you able to break your dev page this hard?

How people are supposed to deal with their shit for more than 5 minutes

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Could you please not host your dev backend on something more feeble than a raspberry pi please?

Tired: pokemon starters based on fire grass water type
Fired: Pokemon starters based on MBTI profiles

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Who named it the Maven Central Repository Search and not .jar .jar Bing?

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