@Roboron the wild thing is that i can remember running into UIs that made me feel exactly this powerless

It only listens to the gyro web API. No drag'n'drop for you.

@Roboron Just yesterday I used a website that had a html number input for entering your phone number. 🤦‍♀️

One of these: w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?f

@Roboron @zardoz I'm fairly certain this is from some UX joke competition, but it reminds me of a slider I found on a real investment calculator from a big-name company, which covers a $275k salary range in 115 pixels. It has +/- buttons for adjustment that change your salary ONE SINGULAR DOLLAR at a time.

@cincodenada @Roboron @zardoz I was about to say "what if your salary is more than that" and then I realized if your salary is more than that you have enough money and really do not need the help of financial advice companies

@Roboron 10 points to the first person who finds the remaining digits. It is possible.

@Roboron @mike My phone number starts with a 0, you insensitive clod!

@futzle @Roboron @mike that's fine. If we know the length of the phone number is 10 digits, we can assume it starts at 0000000000.

I don't see the problem. /s

@Roboron there were other ones that were equally bizarre if not more

@Roboron Gotta love having thousands of distinct positions per subpixel.

@Roboron can I assume that because it is a positive number it must be prefixed with the international "+" prefix prior to dialing?

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