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I'm going to make a thread with useful resources for newcomers to Mastodon! ⬇️ ⬇️

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I'm Roberto, known as Roboron in the cybre-space! I'm from and I'm currently studying Software Engineering.
But IT is not my only passion. I also like and , I like to read and write fiction (I'm writing a science-fiction book!).
I am also the creator of theme
I'm and paired happily for 4 years :-)

This is my English-only account! You can interact with me in Spanish in my main account

Legit interested in seeing the US government shut down twitter because it would lead to trying and probably failing to shut down mastodon

Today is Towel Day! Here are some photos of the first year I celebrated it.


When SimCity got serious: the story of Maxis Business Simulations and SimRefinery -

This is a amazing read that everyone should check out, a great look at some gaming history being untold until now.

#gaming #videogames #history

Arch is not needlessly complicated. Arch gives you a very minimal system from the start that you can build every way you want. There are easier distros, true, but many of them will install many things you might not want to have in the first place. Everyone has different needs and preferences and in my case many other distros don't do it right for me. This is not a reason to trash talk other distros tho.

If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings #Fedilab #tip

Buddy when he has been unable to blink for two months because Andy wouldn't leave the house due quarantine.

i. it is better to delete code than to write code.

ii. the more code software has, the worse it becomes.

iii. the best software is that which does not exist.

iv. merely good programmers solve problems. truly great programmers do not confront them in the first place.

v. the greatest programmer of all is the humble farmer who spends his days in hard and honest labor growing food for his family and people, who has never in his life heard of a computer, and never will

Did you know that you can long press every links with #Fedilab to get a contextual menu? That will help you to know the full URL, to check if it redirects and much more.

If you don't use Fedilab, just install #UntrackMe on #FDroid to remove tracking parameters. The app will also redirect YouTube, Twitter and Instagram links to their most respectful front-ends #Invidious, #Nitter and #Bibliogram.


I've tried to see Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045, but I can't stand the CGI animation.

Happy to announce we have published most of our YouTube videos on LinuxRocks' PeerTube instance (thanks for their support!) - you can find our peertube channel here: #peertube #linuxrocks #linuxgaming #linux #boilingsteam

thinkin back to the time i played a f2p iOS airplane fighting game

where u played as a dog and all the characters were super cute

but i kept like. climbing the leaderboards really easily. which was really weird considering the fact that the game queued me up w/ people instantly. and i'd only been playing for a few days.

.....turns out the game matched u up with fake players every time and had no online functionality whatsoever


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