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I'm going to make a thread with useful resources for newcomers to Mastodon! ⬇️ ⬇️

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I'm Roberto, known as Roboron in the cybre-space! I'm from and I'm currently studying Software Engineering.
But IT is not my only passion. I also like and , I like to read and write fiction (I'm writing a science-fiction book!).
I am also the creator of theme
I'm and paired happily for 4 years :-)

This is my English-only account! You can interact with me in Spanish in my main account

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Seems like my profile is a bit empty with the migration so I'll post an /aboutme here for reference.

I like programming:
- Stronk object thinking advocate
- Write kernel drivers and baremetal code for a living
- Like C and Go, and deeply dislike C++

I enjoy tinkering with digital electronics and retro stuff. Once a year I open kicad and spend some hours pretending I know what I'm doing.

I like (trying to) design simple and functional stuff I can 3D-print with Openscad.

I enjoy video games, specially JRPGs, ARPGs, and stealth. Monhun is my fave franchise.

I watch anime, if I can withstand the cringe. Fate and Monogatari are my favorite series.

I read books, sometimes.

I also like plants and plushies.

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I am looking for a great #CLI / #Linux commands tutorial. It should be approachable for someone who is completely new to Linux and the CLI. Preferably it is also understandable to those who have only little technical knowledge about computers but would like to learn.

Please RT / boost!

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how to use vim:

1. load it the fuck up with extensions

2. clean up config, remove most extensions, go back to a nice, simple, fast vim experience

3. load it the fuck up with extensions

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Pleroma is like a slice of life anime, talking random about random things, while having fun together.
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Firefox 79 introduces redirect tracking protection:

– Firefox 79 and later blocks first-party cookies set by redirect tracking websites.
– You can manually enable this feature by setting “privacy.purge_trackers.enabled” to “True.” “network.cookie.cookieBehavior” needs to be set to “4” or “5.”

Read more:

#Firefox79 #Firefox #RedirectTracking #ETP #Tracking

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This topic on Simutrans forums about changing the name of a store called "Furry Mart" is hilarious

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If i plug my SD to USB adapter into my PC an try to copy/format/dd anything to it, it fails miserably. But if power on my PC with the adapter already plugged in, it works. Fantastic.

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Delta chat has videochat now. This is excellent. I like how they did it too. It just pulls up a webrtc videochat URL that you can choose and makes a random room name. On android I entered and it pulls up the jitsi app when I start a chat.

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Discover Pleroma. An alternative to Mastodon

I have a lot of curiosity for the different places and software we encounter on the Fediverse, if we are open minded and like to travel and see places.

I love Travel in the physical world, and similarly, am enchanted by roaming in cyberspace, through the many corners and alleys, express lanes and boulevards, parks, of the Fediverse.

Mastodon is not all there is, not even close. It is the largest part of the Fediverse, in terms of instances (servers) and registered users.

But there's more and that is a good thing. Pleroma, have you met?

That is the Topic of today's Blog.

** Repost of one of my most popular Blog pages -- Following up with a Suggested Pleroma Instances one **

#Pleroma #Alternatives #NewUsers #Mastodon

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The worst thing about 21st century internet culture? The fact that two generations of people have been conditioned to refer to everything they do as "content".

Are you a writer? An artist? A photographer? A film maker? A blogger? It no longer matters. You're a content creator and something something monetisation.

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Urban foraging: taking things from shops (sedentary)

Urban hunting: taking things from delivery robots

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"Trump says he will ban TikTok as the app could be used to collect the personal data of Americans"

Ban Facebook and Google too? Their data collection is so much more powerful. Never seen TikTok scripts anywhere while most apps and sites send your personal data to FB and Google.

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So I've been binge watching Attack on Titans. So far I like it, it's been a while since I've watched an anime.
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Umm.. hello? I guess an #introduction is timely..

I'm a geek, a dad, an IT person living in the eastern-ish side of Europe, looking for his place in the fediverse. I'm using mastodon for some time as @gaab but decided to create an alt account here for various reasons, like seeing the fediverse from a different point of view, I hope it's ok :)

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Hi. I'm new here, but not new to Mastodon. I ran my own instance for a while, but I gave up trying to bring family and friends on board, so I shut it down. I'm mostly interested in everything related to computer technology.

I tend to keep a very low profile, I don't post very often...


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