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The dilemma: practically everyone I know on here is struggling and doing fundraisers. I could boost them all (or some portion), but no one would actually look at most/any. It'd be a waste of everyone's time and give false hopes.

About all I could do is offer advice on promotion, but my sole experience is a few popular blog posts, some music sales, and a $33/month Patreon. Not exactly an expert in making a living myself.

Riley but cybre @Riley

Some Good Free Advice:
1: Straight up email people further along the path you're on. The people worth listening to won't care that you're some nobody (and they won't see you that way).

2: Increase your luck surface area. The more you have out there, the more people will find you. You can't predict the hits, but you can systematize your work so your output is consistent and high quality. For example, I have a paper list of chord progressions I use and check off when I start a song.

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