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I haven't done an post in a while.

Hi! I'm Riley. I make music, but I also make Serum presets and melodies for other people to use in their music.

I just published a new EP: Sunshine and Giant Robots.

I make a lot of puns.


Video Games Are Boring

I’m really glad I read this article. For a while now I’ve been feeling pretty bad about video games, and started to wonder if I still liked them. This article pointed out why and made me feel a lot better!

I hope I can make games that are interesting, positive and caring. ♥

Seize the memes of production.

I haven't just followed a bunch of random people in a long time. Fixed. This is how I inject new life into my Home timeline.

My first deleted pledge! A momentous occasion. Want to replace the $1 I lost? :thinknyan:

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Hey all! Excited to announce a very new (and poised for content) #mastodon instance: !

Hearing about all the amazing upgrades in @Gargron's 2.4 announcement inspired me.

This will be a space for #CommunityOrganizing - to share news, campaigns, calls to action, and work with others to be as effective as we can with our varied, but interconnected, struggles for global justice

Invite link (max 25 users)

Please join and share!
<3 Mastodon

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Weird new phenomenon: with valid critiques of popular social justice advocacy gaining steam, I've had to become less quick to assume they're coming from regressives.

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Seize the memes of production.

When there's a thing happening involving people you're familiar with and you're too far outside it to have an opinion :thonking:

Please don't hesitate to come to me with bug reports or questions. I can open github issues on your behalf (if it's not already known) and I can usually point to the right resource.

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