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I wish I could live long enough to become an android

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snufkin is my transition goal lmao

okay... I'm going to try the migration thing now...! Hope I do it right!

Realizing there's a lot of ppl on the local tl I probably just read without following πŸ˜…

If I suddenly follow you here it's because I want to remember to follow you when I move! 😭

What's a good instance to migrate to.... :blobcattilt:

Oh snap! Just now seeing the instance end-of-life announcement. I wasn't super active here but I did enjoy my time here!! Now I gotta figure out this exporting stuff I guess!

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I now kin the clipart dog that the Duluth, Minn. Herald used for weather reports 110 years ago.

I leveled up in wanikani and I thought I was gonna learn new radicals but it was more vocab lol

Tfw you have goals but still feel aimless

did literally nothing all day today. slept and texted friends. honestly pretty ideal. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow lmao

maybe I will make curry laksa again... need to get ingredients tho

I need to figure out where to buy old REOL albums because I've always wanted to but I had like.. no money while they were active as REOL the group

how tf did this year fly by so fast there's only like 3.5 months left wtf

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someone should design a TCG where literally every type of playing card can be used in the game

Wow I haven't been here for a month. I'm just waiting for the month of March to end so I can say I've survived 25% of the year.

I'm gonna ROAST some TOMATOES tomorrow πŸ… πŸ”₯


when will *** be legal so I can be constantly fucked up in peace

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