tell me about that thing you're really interested in but think nobody else would ever want to hear about

@Quinntessential the idea that our stories about AI, fictional and otherwise, pretty much recapitulate our stories about gods, because our drive to affect our environment exceeds our ability to do so and it makes us feel better about that to imagine there are vast and essentially unknowable principalities in the universe which, on the one hand, frustrate our efforts, and on the other are susceptible to occult, but with effort and wisdom discoverable, methods of petition and persuasion

@alexis this is a very interesting perspective, thank you for sharing this! i'm going to have this in mind next time i read something featuring an ai

@Quinntessential also i think there’s a related element of wish fulfillment in the clichéd “AI goes rogue and then gets killed” plot, but i haven’t thought that out as far, not least because i have a hard time considering it without getting angry at the waste of usually compelling characters and the stories that could be written about them

@Quinntessential i spend more time than probably is normal thinking about hold music and who records it, and where all that inspiration comes from. that said, i'm on conference calls quite a bit each day so... you know.

@Quinntessential yeah, i mean, have you ever just heard someone wailing so hard? they recorded that somewhere. who recorded it? do they know it's going to end up being hold music? is all music regular music until it becomes hold music? are there 'hold musicians'? what is their life like?

@ryanlittlefield and so many soft jazz covers of popular songs! they have to be made specifically for this purpose there's no other explanation

Incorporating scale mail into chain mail patterns using Kabbalistic geometry to make pretty shit that brings good luck for queers.

@JakeMonkey why on earth do you think nobody would want to hear about the coolest and most best thing?

TBF, the levels of geekery in this concept are manyfold and byzantine, and I wouldn't wish my thoughts on this hobby on ANYONE. But I'll make you a purdy bracelet if you want!

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