money(-), request for assistance 

um. so hey

i just heard back from the shop i took my car to and the price they quoted me to make it able to pass inspection is roughly $1200, which is well beyond both my expectation and anything we could conceivably afford. i um. i'm not good at asking for help, but i think i really need it right now. i'll try my very best to pay back anything you can spare me, i just can't eat this kind of cost right now

thank you in advance. i'm sorry

money(-), request for assistance 

@Quinntessential if it's *at all* possible, get a second opinion (and from a shop that is *not* a chain, or a dealer)

the mechanic industry is rife with scammers and fraud, and it's always from the places that you would instinctively expect *won't* scam and overcharge you


money(-), request for assistance 

@ky0ko i've taken my car here before and they've been reasonable, it's a neighborhood shop that's been around forever and they have a good reputation. i'll see if i can shop around, but my plates were seized for being expired so i run the risk of being pulled over as soon as i pull off the lot

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