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i love to keysmash

:hacker_k: dsallkdsakldslkjkkjdsalkjfd
:hacker_e: ksjdha
:hacker_y: lsakdjalskdjas
:hacker_s: akjdfhakhdfahsjkdaldj
:hacker_m: asdfadsgsghsgfdj
:hacker_a: fsdsf
:hacker_s: ethsdgasf
:hacker_h: sydftgsidkfh

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I'm Quinn!

:hacker_q: ueer
:hacker_u: hh...
:hacker_i: 'm uhh
:hacker_n: ervous because you're really cute
:hacker_n: o don't look at me, please

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It's too hot. I propose we take the sun and fire it into the sun.

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GPS: Quinn, did you really just drive *ten miles* out of your way between clients just to go to *this* gas station!?

Me: frist of all how dare yo u

GPS: ... Quinn.

Me: They have raspberry tea here...

GPS: :blobwoah:

Me: :blobcoffee:

GPS: :blob_pensive:

lewd callout subtoot shitpost 

calls herself a skeleton queen and she can't even get a single boner smh 😓😓😓


i think my default state is "wants to share every aspect of self with loved ones" mixed with "loves everyone" and that's maybe a dangerous combination

social calendar for the rest of the week is extremely full :blob_dizzy_face: 

- tomorrow: gonna go to the botanical garden with my snuggle boy
- thursday: gonna meet a girl for the first time
- friday: gonna go to the zoo with my gals
- saturday: dnd and spending the weekend with @zoey

eventually i'll figure out what i did to the quinnternet, probably

everything is up to date

everything is configured properly

mastodon seems to be working

nginx seems to be working

quinnternet, what more must i do to appease you?

i keep seeing lumb and vantablack's names popping up in my logs. what'd y'all do to my instance? >:[

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tell you what, though. once i've got it this time, i'm probably just going to leave well enough alone for a while

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slowly making progress on bringing the quinnternet back up. i think

honestly who knows at this point

firefox stop discarding my pinned tabs when i close the browser window challenge 2019

zoey and quinn smooch the monster manual, 3/? (we're maybe stoned?) 

all dragons: yiiis
drider: yes yes yes yes yes
dryad: obvious yes
duergar: probably
elementals: yes
drow: zoey, no. quinn, yes

and now we're bored

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zoey and quinn smooch the monster manual, 3/? (we're maybe stoned?) 

hezrou: no opinion
manes: nope
marilith: please
nalfeshnee: no
quasit: meh
shadow demon: yes
vrock: no
yochlol: yup ._.
barbed devil: no
bearded devil: what? no
bone devil: it got the name for a reason
chain devil: obviously
erinyes: yes by default
horned devil: meh
ice devil: sure
imp: eh
lemure: meh
pit fiend: too generic
spined devil: yes
dinosaurs: blanket yes
displacer beast: yup yup
doppelganger: big yes
dracolich: duh

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zoey and quinn smooch the monster manual, 2/? (we're maybe stoned?) 

bulette: zoey, yes. quinn, maybe
bullywug: zoey, no. quinn, yes
cambion: yes. yup yeah uh huh
carrion crawler: zoey, yes. quinn, maybe
centaur: maybe
chimera: reluctant yes
chuul: yeeaaah
cloaker: yip
cockatrice: yes
couatl: no
crawling claw: i mean i *guess*?
cyclops: dull
darkmantle: yup
death knight: zoey, no. quinn, maybe
demilich: yaaa
balor: meh
barlgura: nah
chasme: nah
dretch: nah
glabrezu: now we're talkin'
goristro: eh

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