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i love to keysmash

:hacker_k: dsallkdsakldslkjkkjdsalkjfd
:hacker_e: ksjdha
:hacker_y: lsakdjalskdjas
:hacker_s: akjdfhakhdfahsjkdaldj
:hacker_m: asdfadsgsghsgfdj
:hacker_a: fsdsf
:hacker_s: ethsdgasf
:hacker_h: sydftgsidkfh

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I'm Quinn!

:hacker_q: ueer
:hacker_u: hh...
:hacker_i: 'm uhh
:hacker_n: ervous because you're really cute
:hacker_n: o don't look at me, please

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It's too hot. I propose we take the sun and fire it into the sun.

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GPS: Quinn, did you really just drive *ten miles* out of your way between clients just to go to *this* gas station!?

Me: frist of all how dare yo u

GPS: ... Quinn.

Me: They have raspberry tea here...

GPS: :blobwoah:

Me: :blobcoffee:

GPS: :blob_pensive:

We've just gotten a face tattoo, but...

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*writhes on floor, whimpers pathetically, watches hilda with the little one*

tfw you realize that "anime" and "gucci gang" have the same syllable count

to the tune of "if all the raindrops"

🎵 if alllll the friendships were queerplatonic friendships, oh what good friends we would beee 🎶

okay that's all for me. g'night everybody, please never let me stay up this late again

I'm sure there are better strategies out there, do your best, and be obnoxiously queer.

Class started four minutes ago and I'm still pretty, don't worry.

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