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i love to keysmash

:hacker_k: dsallkdsakldslkjkkjdsalkjfd
:hacker_e: ksjdha
:hacker_y: lsakdjalskdjas
:hacker_s: akjdfhakhdfahsjkdaldj
:hacker_m: asdfadsgsghsgfdj
:hacker_a: fsdsf
:hacker_s: ethsdgasf
:hacker_h: sydftgsidkfh

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I'm Quinn!

:hacker_q: ueer
:hacker_u: hh...
:hacker_i: 'm uhh
:hacker_n: ervous because you're really cute
:hacker_n: o don't look at me, please

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It's too hot. I propose we take the sun and fire it into the sun.

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GPS: Quinn, did you really just drive *ten miles* out of your way between clients just to go to *this* gas station!?

Me: frist of all how dare yo u

GPS: ... Quinn.

Me: They have raspberry tea here...

GPS: :blobwoah:

Me: :blobcoffee:

GPS: :blob_pensive:

one of the recommended names for warforged on the dnd beyond website is "pants" and i think that's beautiful

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if i were the alien, i would simply kiss the predator

roughly 10% of the accounts i follow are various @loki s

garbage post; crude language, fascism, don't bother reading, really probably just skip it this is really not worth it Show more

i saw an ace pride flag on a car today when i was heading in for a meeting and it was real neat

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singlehandedly bringing the cardigan/turtleneck combo back

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I had no idea! Gosh. Oh this sounds incredibly wild

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dangit, now i really wish you would, lucy

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the fact that theres still good out there and as we understand them.
Unless we want that? I dunno, Ill talk to humans

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sittin in bed
drinkin tea
listenin to my ted talk

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aw shucks, thank you! i demand that you know im quite versatile

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*attempts to remove some variables from my face

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