I feel like someone needs to do a deep dive into how effective the Ewoks were at asymmetrical warfare, which highlights how incompetent the Empire was at conflict when you neutralized their big machines.

The Empire was just getting their ass kicked often in straight up conflict. If it wasn't for the fear of Vader, the probably would have crumpled way earlier.



@Are0h I suspect the empire's defeat lays entirely at the political systems within resulting in a dog eat dog mentality within the leadership and an obsession with oversized relatively useless for anything other than intimidation weapons projects (the deathstar is on the face of it a stupid thing to build there is no advantage gained from a planet being blown up and it must have nearly bankrupted their government)

@Are0h also by basically being The Republic But Shitty And Even More Fascist the Empire inherited all the same problems the Republic had but all solutions to those problems lying at the feet of a guy whose only interest is finding young men to groom and abuse into his weird nihilistic cult which is just 100% a recipe for disaster

@QuakerWanker RIGHT?? The Death Star was the WORST POSSIBLE project for an organization that was allegedly about controlling the Universe.

The would have had a much better result using those resources to influence trade and politics.


The only good manager they really had was Tarkin and even he was a dickhead.

@Are0h Tarkin also was completely frozen with fear every decision he made constantly aware that anything other than an aesthetically perfect victory over the rebels would result in his immediate death closing off almost all avenues of warfare other than "attack with crushing force" meaning that by simply being near the shield generator the Ewoks where an impossible force to face because precision and paitentce where simply unavailable tactics to him

@Are0h @QuakerWanker the two-dimensional evil of the Star Wars universe has always struck me as pointless and ridiculous.

Like, they could have totally operated like a fascist regime, conquering planets, conscripting farmers, violently forcing tribute and integration, erasing and rewriting history, propping up bigotry within different social groups.

Instead we get vague magic about individual passion, gigantic ships and huge fleets, and massive space guns.

Terran Empire > Star Wars Empire

@sean @QuakerWanker For me that's what the Star Wars movies are about. The ineptitude of EVIL and how it was it's own catalyst for demise. They were just terrible at what they did. They didn't know how to create, just rob and steal.

The Force wasn't magic, but rather a metaphor for the power of working together. It wasn't about individual heroism, but cooperating enough to the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Even the Good Guys™ struggled with this, but they got it together.

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