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NSFW selfies 

Here all my nsfw selfies will live

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Thanks @moon for all the hard work you put into maintaining the different services that you provide for us like SPC. For how welcoming and friendly you are, for all the charitable efforts you have gone into to support artists and friends in need. Our lives are better for having you in it. This is an appreciation and thank you post. Thank you!

If I met Jimmy Hoffa he would spit in my eye at the sight of me and I would salute him

Revolutionary Girl Utena is Foucault for valid people

Bayonetta/Jeanne is Xena/Gabrielle for gen z

Santa deniers be like "Facts and logic left all these gifts in my house"

Thinking about an account that's buildings that are secretly Shin Megami Tensei dungeons

Unhygienic use of hygiene products 

"What is a man?"

*silicone menstrual cup bounces off the ground like a dog toy*

"A miserable pile of secrets!"

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Unhygienic use of hygiene products 

Concept: a vampire who does the swirling blood in a wine glass thing but to make everyone uncomfortable she uses an oversized menstrual cup

People split up DnD parties into "roleplay guy" "loot guy" "combat guy" etc. but I think these are largely superficial. A typical DnD group has:

-plot secrets guy
-number go up (LOOT!!) guy
-character psychology guy
-hero guy
-the sicko who craves indescribable violence

boost this toot if you're gay, a communist, or love patricide. noΓΆne will know which

techbro mysticism 

thermal paste application

Am I the only one who finds grave keeping strangely romantic?

it's time we finally sort out who is and who isnt transmisogyny exempt

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