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NSFW selfies 

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my current living situation is falling through due to my abusive family, i have no car, i've been unable to find a stable job in my area or file for unemployment for most of the pandemic, and i have three weeks to find a new place to live. i might have a potential job opportunity lined up, but transport is expensive and its critical that i can stay afloat for a bit while i'm finding a place to live. please help if you can

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intktober prompt is "shoes" and I was just kinda rotating a picture of a heel around, thinking, and came up with this

Plemora is for people who think that because they know what CAT5E cable is they should be listened too

rocket lands and astronaut comes out to bewildered nasa employees protest
"youre back so soon what happened"
"Moon's wet"
*grabbing several towels* "Moon's. wet." *heads back into rocket and takes off*

@QuakerWanker eva but focused on the adults would be spectacular, whiny fans be damned

People's praising of historical Quakers for their progressivism is free clout and I don't like it

mutual aid for a queer who needs essential dental work 

Every dnd character I play turns into mystique

Why would you set some bar of entry for believing whether or not a movie is "real"?

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Wow I forgot how much I hate softly spoken men talking about suspension of disbelief in movies in clean sharp video essays

Thinking about the Tik Toc ban It's intresting to me how social media, the events of the 2016 election, data collection by private companies, and just broadly the internet has made cultural insight and the behavior of a civilian population a form of information for nations to jealously guard and exploit for soft and hard power

Weird that every time evangelion is about to have an ending the production gets interrupted by a real world disaster cuased by deliberate hateful nihilism or the prolonged neglect of those in power

My best friends, two trans guys both named Oliver, need help! They’re facing homelessness with their pets as their landlord is planning to evict them. They don’t have anywhere to go as they haven’t been able to find another apartment cheap enough to rent. They’re both disabled and mentally ill and only one of them is able to work.

Please boost and donate if you can. Their PayPal is #mutualaid #transcrowdfund

The difference between Homestar and Homestuck is that one of them is about Deep Impact and the other is about Armageddon

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