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asking for help, boosts okay 

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trans creator scammed out of $5k, gofundme link 

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I would respect Dead Or Alive a lot more if they stopped being cowards and it was full on topless bare knuckle brawling instead of weird globular nippless brests being "simulated" on uninspired character designs

Caves of Qud is cool because you can cheat and still get your ass kicked and bearly survive

I live in a country

- where refugee children are put in prisons
- where corporations fund climate change denial
- where cops murder men of color and lie about it
- where weapons exports is a powerful industry
- where corrupt politicians make secret deals with oil companies
- where it is legal for agencies to mass-collect data of people not connected to any crime
- with some of the highest levels of CCTV per sq/km in the world

ya know.. the Netherlands.

a few sources:

I think the first ever man to leave a reply on a selfie of mine was @bryceyoungquist and it was just "Hmmmm" I have never known what he was humming about

People who say hitting someone for espousing fascist rhetoric is "impolite" or "uncivil" do not know what civility is

If someone is doing something that is absolutely unacceptable and continues after repeatedly being informed that it must stop it's perfectly polite to inform them even more clearly than you could with words

While I am against law and order I am for being polite

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I may he an anarchist but I fucking love etiquette guides


I just had surgical revisions and I'm not as mobile as I'd like to be, which makes it hard to do things I normally do like cook, walk to the store, etc. My girlfriend has two herniated disks in her back and has a hard time doing these things herself. We're also getting evicted in April, so we could use some money to help with getting food that we can eat, public transport costs, etc. If you want to help us:


Are 'ya really gonna scroll by without saying howdy?

are crabs robots?

in what way is a crab not a robot?

i mean i guess i understand that my laptop isn't a crab, but...

Cops bad but I fucking love Patlabour and ghost in the shell

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