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NSFW selfies 

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Food, covid blues 

olden: centrists, who consider themselves β€œmoderates”
golden: sentrists, who love the pokemon Sentret

*sitting in the Trojan Horse for 6 hours, waiting*

This fucking sucks

This is but one of many evidences that capitalism is far far more authoritarian and totalitarian than it would ever admit

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Capitalists should appreciate piracy for clarifying the market value of certain products and pushing innovation but apparently undercutting the market and keeping prices down is bad only when poor people do it

Some comrades put this mutual aid fund together for people in ICE custody. Please support if you're able

The world: ready to play Nier Automata again???

The Harley Quinn Show turned out better than expected

Every single mastodon user looks like a mastodon user


"give me state power"
"To liberate the workers?"
"Yesssssss liberation"
*actually forms totalitarian state like a boss*

trans people being happy and laughing unreservedly

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