also i found this cover that's a parody of nighthawks and i think it's really cute

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I regret to inform the British public that assam and ceylon tea are grown in the regions they are named after not the UK

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Visiting the UK after years of listening to British travelers complain about our tea only to discover they drink the exact same tea

the beastie boys are like the interger overflow of music. they made music so bad that it wraps around again and becomes good again.

Gonna play Xenosaga with a "did Henry Darger write this?!" counter

This extremely technical and experiential art movement isn't exciting to me so obviously it's not EXTREMELY VALUABLE to thousands of artists who study it to improve their own work!

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I am so very tired of people complaining about minimalist painting.

Gamer bros mad that the pacifist run of life is easier, has better story content, and lasts longer. They call it "a blatant rip off of Undertale"

Today I had a moment of extream butchness where I needed my hair up and so I picked up a stick off the ground and sharpened it with a knife to use as a hair stick all in the span of about one minute

like whatever play whichever games you want, if you're having fun i'm happy for you. but you're not having a better, more enlightened form of fun than i am because i like to deal DAMAGE with NUMBERS that come from DICE

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The day I saw that Sheev Palpatine canonicaly fucked was my own personal 9/11

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I would like to remind all starwars fans that Sheev Palpatine canonicaly fucked and you only have yourself to blame for how much that hurts to hear

:bing:​ does samus suit jack her off like master chief

Nsfw attempt to seriously answer a not serious question 

@CyclopsCaveman okay so thinking this through seriously the answer is no but that's because Master Chiefs suit doesn't jack him off he just listens to Cortana jill off about murder all day

Samus however is in semi official manga consistently shown being an eternal bachelorette who is very horny and totally wanks and her suit does take care of "all of her needs" so yes it does jack her off

Like I've only even seen this cover in two places and one was a rotting abandoned image hosting service

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I found this book cover scan online but can't find ANY of it's contents or even a single mention that this book ever existed. If anyone can find anything let me know!

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