I still have the will to do my own mastodon instance but I don't think there will be many people on it, eh


Drunk af in the first morning train

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@Pulsaare I haven't heard the original in a long time.

And of course the famous edit:


oof, the edit is 9 years old.

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Je vais essayer de voir si ça marche sur le fediverse français

Je recherche une alternance sur Paris dans le développement web (front-end/webdesign tout particulièrement), si vous avez des contacts ou besoin d'infos vous pouvez aller dans me DMs

Reposts appréciés pliz

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The server is somehow ready, maybe some adjustments are to be made, but there we go, a server around arts in general, code and everything else :


i'm currently building a discord server around art/general creative stuff/coding, if you wish to be a part of it as a mod/animator, please reach me so i can give you more details)

(this apply for mutuals, the server will be public afterwards)

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