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cs nonsense/c++ 

Always write readable code:

auto num = +!!""

Happy first of Halloween everyone! 🧙‍♀️


I apparently cannot spell "tired" while I'm... tired.

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movie realism 

me watching a marvel film: Oh come on! Landing like that after a fall from that height?! So unrealistic.

me watching bollywood film: And then they launch themselves off a tree like a trebuchet to get over the enemy defenses!? That was freaking AWESOME!


Tire: Greek Yogurt

Wired: Non-fro-fro-gree-yo.


Someone is going to tell me it's not an Autumnal full moon

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☑️ Wish people Happy Friday the 13th
☑️ Have a good breakfast
⬜ Destroy the patriarchy


Me: What do we have to eat?
Partner: You could have Zwieback.
You could have toast.
You could have shih tzu... no, it's not called shih tzu, it's called... Rice-A-Roni...
Me: ... ... ... I need to toot that.

rick & morty 

Okay, so, bear with me on this.

If there are an infinite number of dimensions in the multiverse, where can I find the fanfics about Rick being a zany loving grandfather?

Where he patiently teaches Morty and Summer things they're interested in.

Where he's supportive and encouraging of trying new things and learning even if something fails.

Things like that.


"My daughter blah blah blah. HE did fixed HIS thing. HE said blah blah blah. HIS blah blah blah."

Thanks mom =/


Us: So, how would one change their name, after creating an account:

Probably some dude: You can't. And why would you need to change your name anyway?


Person at work yesterday: Brains cannot do more than one thing at a time.
What I said: That's very interesting.
What I thought: I wonder how many neurotypical people they tested to discover this "universal" trait of 'humans'.


One of my greatest achievements is finding a kilo of Nutella in Berlin for €4.99. =D

Undertale spoilery? 

What I expected from Undertale:
"The fresh scent of spring flowers fills you with determination."

What I think after understanding the story (a bit more?):
"The glint of light off of your freshly sharpened blade fills you with determination."


The National Review: Meet the Bold Sexologist Questioning Transgender Orthodoxy

Me: Yes, so very bold of an old white dude to say transphobic things. Well done cis het white due. 🙄

Look, I'm not saying the City of London is awesome, I'm just pointing out that its mascot is a dragon and encouraging you to draw your own conclusions.

Since I just finished reading it for like the 5th time - in random book recommendations: if you are into SciFi books and into trains - the Quadrail series of Zhan is a lot of fun.

And - I know - SciFi + trains sounds not exactly like an obvious combination. But - he makes it work :)

I wonder what it says that @christinelove's "Get in the Car, Loser!" feels way more interesting to me than Final Fantasy XV: IV Dudes Ride in a Car.

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