@maya @kinsey @penello That would be kind of neat (having a HOA be concerned with the actual community) -- all the HOAs I've ever known have been basically cops, laying out guidelines and fining people for breaking whatever rules they decide on.


Me: Why is "Britain" a gender?
My partner: Why are you gatekeeping?

What they say: Could you do the dishes?
What they mean: I've hidden dirty dishes around the dining room and kitchen, including under papers or dish towels. Search them out!


Related to this, I wonder what "Uncle Roger" would say about me eating fried rice with crème fraîche 🤔

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Partner: Do you want spaghetti or salad for lunch?
Me, understanding "spaghetti" is today's secret code word for "fried rice": spaghetti


Partner: *points at fiber cable* we have WiFi!
Me: and by "WiFi" you mean "wired Ethernet"?
Partner: Yes! Wired Fidelity


Imagine you could get chicken nuggets that taste like they were from McD's but they were vegetarian! >w<


Disappointment/mild negativity 

It's a bit disappointing that the protocol underlying many of these messaging services (WhatsApp, et al) is XMPP, but they're configured in such a way that they don't federate with one another.

At least, as I understand it.

Frozen headcanon (no Frozen II spoilers) 

Elsa is aro/ace, which feels obvious to me, but others were wondering when she'd get married so ╮(^▽^)╭

@trashcat@www.librepunk.club Ah, I'm sorry; I misunderstood.

Yeah, "In T-minus 5 minutes" makes no sense and is grammatically incorrect. Watching a shuttle launch, they say "T-minus 5 minutes" or they might say, "At T-plus 2:30" blah blah blah.

I expect the "in T-minus..." thing is just popular usage, like you suspected.

If this is a serious question... 

@trashcat@www.librepunk.club "t-minus" as in "(target) Time minus" or "<x> prior to the target time". It's easier when the time is longer, such as "T-minus 2 hours". At the end it takes to long to say the entire thing, so we just leave the "T-minus x seconds" unsaid and say the number of seconds.

It also becomes more clear after the event has passed to reverse the meaning, since then things are "T-plus x", such as, "it's T-plus 5 minutes and the ship is now traveling at a bazillion kph".

Today I was introduced to Tempo's limited edition "Vanilla Dream" scented facial tissues and they are everything I dreamed they might be~


@kinsey huh! So now the next question, did you use "open()" and then int file descriptors, or did you use "fopen" and use the FILE* APIs? :)


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional Indian meal consisting of self-made curry and naan. It was quite yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving :heart_pride:


@kinsey haha. Yeah. I think I wrote the cw first and it turned out not as graphic as it might have been XD.

Thinking about it more, a potential modern name could include (*❛‿❛)→💦🍆


@kinsey An alternative to last names may be titles. "Comrade Kinsey the Ridged, Lady of Rust and Haskell, Partisan of Girls, Defender of Transbians" which I offer as a starting point. :heart_lesbian:


My computer: "Allow Java to..."
Me: You had me at "Java". <Clicks No>

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