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One of my greatest achievements is finding a kilo of Nutella in Berlin for €4.99. =D

Look, I'm not saying the City of London is awesome, I'm just pointing out that its mascot is a dragon and encouraging you to draw your own conclusions.

ff4fe beta amusement 

Yes, Cecil and Cecil struggle against the Dark Knight Cecil in hopes of both Cecils becoming paladins.


tfw you think, oh, my office isn't in the bad zone.
Just the... unhealthy for sensitive groups zone.
... Oh, right, I'm one of those sensitive groups.

partial nudity 

The female characters were also very boob-y. This is not a complaint!

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The other day, @behemoff shared that they would come upon cards walking around, and I wondered, sort of absently to myself, if that might happen to me.

Well this morning it did. After being dropped off at my bus stop, I noticed a card was directly under where I was sitting (in the car).

The interesting thing (to me at least), was that there were a several cards, but this was the only one that was face-up, and it was facing me (from my perspective).

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