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@PrincessRaspberry can confirm, am dragon, love:
- books
- tacos
- tacos 2

@PrincessRaspberry Dragons do indeed love books. Most of mine are about fiber arts techniques though; I need to start going to the Grand Library more often

@PrincessRaspberry Book love confirmed at least on this end. Burritos > tacos, but depending on filling I won't say no...

@PrincessRaspberry one of my treasures is a painting of a dragon sleeping curled around it's hoard of books.

@PrincessRaspberry I know at least one dragon who loves books, and while I can't say whether they love tacos they are dating a woman so ;)

@Canageek @PrincessRaspberry @chr Yes, we do love books. Well I do, I can't speak for all dragons.

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