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Look, I'm not saying the City of London is awesome, I'm just pointing out that its mascot is a dragon and encouraging you to draw your own conclusions.

Since I just finished reading it for like the 5th time - in random book recommendations: if you are into SciFi books and into trains - the Quadrail series of Zhan is a lot of fun.

And - I know - SciFi + trains sounds not exactly like an obvious combination. But - he makes it work :)

I wonder what it says that @christinelove's "Get in the Car, Loser!" feels way more interesting to me than Final Fantasy XV: IV Dudes Ride in a Car.

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TIL a lot of people think 🏩means "cute hospital with a heart on it".

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>>> And it tastes pretty good.
<<< Yeah, just different from the real thing.
>>> In what way?
<<< The taste
>>> ...

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