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I just got an internship by saying capitalism is bad so that was a thing that happened

(community legal placement)

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americans are asleep post pictures of Australian animals

(falling off the toboggans is not included)

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Ethereal lipstick did not give me mind control powers

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Here is a 1-hour video where I walk you through how to use HyperCard and HyperTalk to make interactive stuff! (I don't discuss how to get an emulator set up, sorry) #hyperjam

asynchronous classes are hell on earth for this little duck

I'm pretty proud that I set up an email server and nextcloud for my uni Linux club.

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Students (or anyone), in a situation where you need to do more deep reading on a screen right now than normal... it might be a struggle. This Reddit thread has some good tips to help:

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Please I can't stress this enough if you have access to a social network, never forget that you are not alone
Fellow neuroatypicals and queers

We are here to help each other.

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NOTICE TO CATS: In the coming weeks it’s likely that your humans will be spending more time in the house. While this is obviously inconvenient, I estimate distribution of treats could increase significantly (we await modelling on stroking).


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the one thing disaster movies got wrong is how much importance people place on toilet paper when panic buying

from now on, zombie apocalypse movies need to feature a shot of a store with all the tp wiped out


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Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

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and on the pedestal these words appeared: "Hi, I'm Clippy, your monument assistant. It appears that you are looking upon my works. Would you like help despairing?"

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'Let the bodies hit the floor', but it's 'Get the doona on the couch'.

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hey fediverse, i need some help here.

looking for information on the #Iomega #Clik!/#PocketZip USB dock accessory for the Clik! PCMCIA card drive - specifically on how it works or whether alternatives to it exist

also looking for information on the USB interface for the Iomega #HipZip media player, because it seems to use a proprietary port (the manual refers to it as "Iomega mini USB", but I can't find any other information on it & am afraid to poke about inside the unit

boosts appreciated 💜

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I think this is really rad for multiple reasons: democratising the production of literature, getting folx into writing poetry with low stakes, encouraging the use of itch as a publishing space, & ofc, getting to read more poetry! If you're into it, I recommend looking into this!
RT @hologramvin
do you want to "get into poetry"? have u already been "into" it for ages? do u just wanna make a fun free digital…

climate grief in the form of a realisation that the ghee will never be solid

the feel when you decide to go to an open word because you've got material from 4-5 years. and then you have enough for a chapbook.

can I even do a chapook in ?

drugs, mh 

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mental health 

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