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I just got an internship by saying capitalism is bad so that was a thing that happened

(community legal placement)

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americans are asleep post pictures of Australian animals

(falling off the toboggans is not included)

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Ethereal lipstick did not give me mind control powers

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so I wanna do an #astrology birth chart for the Internet, and I've got the exact time of when the first message was sent on the ARPANET in '69 (#nice) but when it comes to the actual World Wide Web I'm not sure if I can find an actual birth time - was it when the first proposal for the project was written (which Wikipedia says is the web's "inception"), was it when the first website was put online at CERN? or when the first Web server outside CERN was put online? :thaenkin:

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My August 4 reading of #poetry is Ewen Ma's "fair exchange"

And oof the anger in this #poem is amazing, with the best possible ending:
"I am speaking to a crack in a moss-broken wall,
and no words have ever been spoken here."

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You do not get out early for good behaviour in lockdown, darling.

The supermax is home for us all.

The drone can't fly tonight -

22 knots being the difference between ever present thermal scanning and mere shaking of my house.

POL32 slumbers.

And in my dreams

The Yarra looks like the Seine.

Your Catholic guilt,

Binds us all.

Drags us all.

Ragged, we exist.

There are no packages today,

Only endless sirens.

We hope for red collapse.

My open wounds are open for lease,
Empty handed landlords with maws
Your monsters are visible to all.
Pushed out from North and West of the Yarra -
You are spread out,
spatially unlinked,
culturally ossified,
and bleeding .
I think it's high time you woke up
the fact that we don't have Paris,
you fool.

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I don't know what
People look for in

The longing, of course
The tense aching remorse
Of a body free
Of physics.

But seriously.

I don't
Know what people look
For in words.

#poetry #SmallPoems

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Can Poets Show the Way Forward for Europe? | Literary Hub Take a deep breath behind your mask, like this, all together, all at once. Something’s rattling, near the heart. Something is wrong in Europe. Believe us. It might not show in the imaging techniques yet, but we can hear it. It shows in the poem. Be quiet, let’s listen! Let’s read a poem. #poetry #politics #COVID19 #climatecrisis

so being broken in lockdown to the extent I took a leave of absence from uni meant I wrote poetry to rebuild my sanity.

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only saying the pledge of allegiance if I get to say "One nation under Allah"

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The sky shakes. The sky screams. The sky cowers with trust because it hears the time that it will never have.

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There are two major differences between freedom and protection. One, freedom requires inaction while protection requires action. Two, freedom applies to everyone while protection applies differently to different people. Clearly software freedom, unlike the freedom of speech, requires not only inaction, such as not suing people for modifying source code, but affirmative acts like making one's own modified source code public. This makes protection a better model for software than freedom.

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The ability to modify and reuse software is a consumer protection issue and not a free speech issue, but white techies are so hostile to the idea of protecting anyone vulnerable that they'd rather make it an issue of absolute freedom and let techno monopolies take advantage of developers and communities rather than be actually sensible about the meaning and scope of software freedoms. Then again no one outside of white techies accused this crowd of being particularly sensible.

my saturn return is feeling like an epileptic seizure in that it occurs without warning and paralysed me

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I think the difference between rock music from the 1950s-1960s vs the industrial music of the 1990s was one of source material.

Rock music from 1950s to 1960s was bout a good hook, a good lyric, and (at times) a powerful message.

Industrial music from the 1990s was a mailbag of messages from the future.

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I wrote a short script that downloads YouTube videos from channels I like so I can watch them wherever I want, whenever I want, and with whatever media player I want.

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uh holy shit, ps3 players of mgsv achieved the impossible and got everyone playing the game on ps3 to disarm their bikes and trigger the secret ending cutscene

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