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I assume is offline since I can't connect to it.


Something I saw on the FTL just reminded me. The other day when I was dropping Annabel off at school, one of her classmates was trying to explain some swear words to his friends without, as he saw it, actually swearing.

He was busy talking about donkeys for one and then mentioned being a 'smart-' without out saying 'arse'.

I suggested he was thinking of 'smart alec', don't think he approved (;*

Lovely day out, probably going to rain in a little while. Got the washing in. Just been catching up on some fan theories for

What is everyone else up to?;*

Temporarily over here since it would appear that is having trouble.

Morning all, not been over on this instance for a while. How is everyone?:*

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The emphasize how incredible this is, when I signed up to fundraise I was told I should set my goal to "maybe about $100-150" and it's only been about an hour and a half and we've raised $1,425!!! When I set my goal to $250 I was thinking I'd just be raising back the money spent on bailing me out of jail. You've surpassed my expectations!

This is gonna be such a huge help in fucking up ICE and exploitative capitalists!! Talk about solidarity! Let's keep going!

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Can we make this (or another post)
get +500 boosts, proofing that the argument to stay away from the #fediverse because one can here only reach out to a few is completly wrong?

Wondering how high the reach of this post is?

Well, we don't know. We don't track the users.

You only can see the boosts/fav/reply.
If that's a lot, it reached a lot.

If that made one rethink their opinion here you go:

(there is also
#gnusocial #plemora #postactiv #friendica #hubzilla..

Is it just coincidence that PoS stands for Point of Sale as well as Piece of Shit...‽;*

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Currently over here because the migration of is still on-going. At least I assume that is what the 502 Gateway error signifies ‽:*

Must reindeer to turn off the various email settings on On and give the reindeer back to Santa.

I meant 'remember'. Autocorrection is having fun!

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Since 368 people couldn't take a hint...

Bye bye #Twitter

Apologies if you're one of the 368 people who were paying attention, but couldn't be bothered to stop following me on Twitter‽;*

Right, what I forgot in coding to allow ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE in was that Android 6 doesn't automatically grant permissions, the user has to allow an app the permissions.

Consequently as I forgot to grant read access to external storage for the app it couldn't upload the images.

Fixed now, plus I've coded a simple request for the permission in my version of Mastalab. So my code worked, but my end user was an idiot.

I'm an idiot (;*

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