like i barely noticed an ssd making my pc like 10 or so percent faster but you are literally gaining over 30% extra speed on older boxes

Fixing shitty old computers all day just shows me how fucking great solid state drives are lol

Penny relayed
Penny relayed

My sleep schedule is fucked so morning everyone

My eternal struggle, should I buy the faster car or the more practical one (that is also fast)

I miss my old cadillac, I never got a chance to swap a manual transmission into it :<

Part of me wants an old rolls royce like from the 90's or so to mess around with. they can be had for less than 10k lol so it wouldnt be a huge outlay to butcher one for funsies

I hope kinsey gets this job she interviewed for cause 2 incomes would be so nice to have for once

updated my hacked switch and upgraded the sd card to a 128 GB one :D

new job monday, i know i can do it but still nervous lol

Welp I got a job working at a local computer shop so thats cool

Penny relayed

Sweet my debit card got ripped off and now i have no money X_X why the fuck does this happen to me im poor as fuck. I know its indiscriminate but my luck sucks :/

my copy and past function doesnt work on my pc for some reason now might be time for a restart

I had two on monday that i thought i did good at but heard nothing back on X_X

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