Oreo relayed

New song!!! Go listen!!!!!! It's got:

⌨️ synths
🎶 vibes

🤔 Why should you listen? It's a layered sound journey! It's ! It's thumpy and wumpy and you can shake your booty!

I'm one (1) individual who is struggling (for months) to find work. Anything you can spare, a listen, a dollar, a comment, or just spreading the word, means everything, and it would be very appreciated. :purple_sparkling_heart:

Even if it's not your thing, maybe it is for one of your friends, so let them know!


Now that I'm done dealing with my wisdom teeth and FC is over I can get back to working on projects!

Arduino/circuit question 

I also have the controller box *mostly* designed. I just need to wait for the parts to get here so I can figure out how to house all the wiring and whatnot. The goal of this project is basically to make my own MIDI Fighter 3d/spectra, because they look fun and I wanted to see if I could make something similar myself. I'm going to 3D print the parts for it once I'm all done designing it

arduino music project progress 

I always feel scared to post things because I have so many interests and feel like I'd be posting things certain people aren't interested in, although I know that doesn't mean anything really

Crispy brussel sprouts bits are the best ngl

I wanna build a small MIDI controller, they look so fun

The little TV is all painted and adorable! I'm excited to have gotten this done.

Woo! Got this lil tv up and running with retropie! I'm so excited!

Oreo relayed

I find these generative bots accounts that create little ASCII or emoji pictures so much fun. I always follow too many and then just have all these cute toots filling up my tl

I did it, I made a tank game in a month for school. They go pewpewpew

Hey there! Here's my :

I'm a 20 year old junior CS student just starting to dive on into things. I'm really new to doing actual things other than school projects, but I'm getting really into gamedev with pico 8. I'm also starting to mess around with raspberry pi's and old crt TV's because they're so great and fun.

I want to get started on projects but I am waiting for parts :o although, tomorrow I should be able to get a super old tube tv to work and that'll be great


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