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Reminder that I have three short story zines. Each one with an original story and its Spanish translation.

They're pay what you can; it is very much ok to download them for free specially if you're trans as well. What matters most to me is that people read my work. You can always pay me after you read them ;3

Check em out!! And spread em around.

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(also if you read them for free and want to pay me after the fact. A try before you buy scenario:

Recordatorio que tengo tres zines de cuentos. Cada una con una historia original y su traducción del Ingles.

Son Paga-lo-que-puedas; incluso las puedes descargar de gratis. Me es más importante que la gente lea mis historias que que me paguen, especialmente si le lecter es trans. Siempre me puedes pagar luego.

Chequelas y compartelas!

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