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Reminder that I have three short story zines. Each one with an original story and its Spanish translation.

They're pay what you can; it is very much ok to download them for free specially if you're trans as well. What matters most to me is that people read my work. You can always pay me after you read them ;3

Check em out!! And spread em around.

People are posting with some newfangled emoji and all I see is

⌧⌧⌧⌧ ⌧⌧⌧ ⌧⌧ ⌧⌧⌧⌧

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It's just temporarily down, apparently. This is why I have a backup acct.

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Btw I know the housing sitch in is dire, but if you should happen to hear of someone looking for a flatmate or subletter for September please let me know. Boosts appreciated

believe it or not I'm more occult than cybrey so I remade my occult camp account you can follow it @oneirofaerie

In the USA you say 'OK Google' but in the UK you say 'You alright Google?'

In this
  are more

  ╲╱┗ ┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛┏
▁▁╱╭┓┃        ╱
▔▔╲╰┛┃        ╲
  ╱╲┏ ┏┳┓┃┃┏┳┓┗

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