Been using some other instances. They are great and all, but haven't found any where I can get my pings florped πŸ˜†

periodic reminder that we run a matrix instance at

matrix is a modern (federated!) chat protocol with all the bells and whistles -- look for Riot in your favorite app repository / marketplace for a slick client that can connect to any matrix server

or you can use it on the web directly at

(join if you're interested in discussion and updates about this instance and our matrix server)

People seem to be having a lot of trouble with the self quarantine/working from home thing. Been 2 weeks, I lived my life like that the past 5 years, up until January lol

Are you dedicated to spreading the free software philosophy in the press, blogs, forums, and social media? Electronic Frontier Alliance member @fsf is looking for new members to join their Community Team, answering questions and correcting misconceptions about free software.

A new poll finds 57% of Americans are not comfortable with tech companies sharing their location data with the government to track the spread of Coronavirus.

I just watched the moon eclipse and am freaked out because I don't see an eclipse scheduled for quite some time

Current statistics:

Coronavirus Cases:



#coronavirus #covid19 #global

Today I started playing the 'is that coronavirus after my dental appointment' challenge.

We need a calendar standard that supports encryption as well as end-to-end encrypted alarms because your privacy matters. 😎 @charlag and Matthias explain how we achieved building a fully encrypted calendar

'Take This Seriously': Digital Rights Group Urges Americans to Beat Back Attempts to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis to Erode Civil Liberties

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Was wondering how in the world there wasn't a instance. After looking, I see .post is exclusively for the postal service. What a shame. On the bright side, is available for $1.99. What a steal :hot_shit:

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