I’ve managed to go most of my life without using sed. Until tonight. And now I think my brain is melting.

@steve I remember thinking Front Row was amazing back in the day. Made me want a Mac Mini just to have it setup on my TV as an easy-to-use media center. Thank Jobs the AppleTV came quickly to save me from that expense.

I hold no great love for iptables. But I hold even less love for nftables.

official masto app 

@doofus_canadensis It’s not on iOS anywhere. It’s presence in the Android version has a new issue opened to include it on iOS as well, but no response yet.

I’m not holding my breath.

@neauoire How often would you need to replace the cables to keep them in good working order?

@j6m8 Toot on iOS is my main interaction point with Mastodon. But the web interface works well too, so can’t go wrong there. I don’t have any personal experience with Android apps, but I’ve seen Tusky mentioned a fair bit.

@neauoire Too bad the official Android and iOS apps don’t acknowledge the local feed. Wonder how many newcomers won’t even realize the internal community that can be present on instances.

@256 Shades of the response to the iPod. “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.”

@jennifer_renoux I wish I had discovered zettelkasten while I was still doing my graduate work, and not years later. Would have been so much better than the note taking scheme I had back then.

@jbauer I remember the anxiety I had once when I only had one backup running, and it failed so I had to go just a couple days without it to get replaced. Way too much stress.

@koalha I feel that way when it uses some esoteric file format that would die along with that particular tool if it became unmaintained . Anything I use for personal use has to be in some format I can easily move around to other tools, preferably without needing to do a bunch of converting.

I'm not active on here that much anymore, but days like yesterday remind me how much appreciate the existence of Mastodon and the rest of the fediverse.

@saramg What year is this?

This is looking great. Can’t wait for December.

@klardotsh Never hurts to remind yourself of what went well. Sounds like a good weekend!

Why do I feel like my NAS is one device that I should not jump to the new major version update of the software that runs it, and instead give it some time to get updates and fixes in.

That feeling when you're patiently waiting for the FCC to update and accept your amateur radio technician license, and then remember it's a federal holiday, so the wait will be at least one day longer.

@devurandom Look forward to the day when this can be applied to Half-Life.

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