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I never did a real introduction on here, so here goes...

Hello Mastodon!

I am a former criminology academic, although I do what I can to stay up on current research for it. Despite nodding my head in agreement to the Unix-Haters Handbook, I am an avowed Unix fan. My current and long-time Unix of choice is macOS. I'm trying to fit Linux into my life, but am sure what role it can play for me.

My main hobbies include programming, reading, and relaxing with computer games.

Some days I feel behind the times, solely because I host my website the old fashioned way on a custom server, and not using Docker or anything else that’s more fancy.

I’ve managed to go most of my life without using sed. Until tonight. And now I think my brain is melting.

I hold no great love for iptables. But I hold even less love for nftables.

I'm not active on here that much anymore, but days like yesterday remind me how much appreciate the existence of Mastodon and the rest of the fediverse.

Why do I feel like my NAS is one device that I should not jump to the new major version update of the software that runs it, and instead give it some time to get updates and fixes in.

That feeling when you're patiently waiting for the FCC to update and accept your amateur radio technician license, and then remember it's a federal holiday, so the wait will be at least one day longer.

One week until I get to take the exam for an amateur radio technician license. A whole new adventure for me, moving more into the analog world of communication after spending so long in the digital world. This should be fun.

With 1Paswword’s transition entirely to a subscription model, I guess it’s time to find a new password manager. The Electron Mac app wouldn’t have been a deal-breaker, but it’s some extra salt on the wound.

1Password was 2 years shy of making my list of software that I’ve used for over a decade. Oh well.

Starting the day with some nice boysenberry black tea. First time trying this particular tea, and it is lovely.

Sometimes, when I’m neck-deep in trying to figure out why HTML/CSS is being dumb, I wish I could just program my website with SwiftUI.

Official Mastodon client now up for iOS. It’s nice looking, but so far is missing some features, like local timelines.

"Fundamentally I think C trusts developers while C++ trusts compilers. This is a massive difference that sharing the same native types or syntax for while loop cannot hide."

Every week when I update everything I have installed with Homebrew, I am reminded that while I appreciate it's defaults and how it functions overall, I wish it was not this huge behemoth of a Ruby application. 'brew update' takes way too long to run and tell me what all has been updated.

Upgrading itself at least works fast enough at least.

Nova, the new web development application from Panic that is a "sequel" to Coda, is pretty spiffy. I don't dive too heavily into web stuff anymore, preferring to just sync Markdown files that get passed through a simple HTML template. But this makes me want to take on a bigger project, just to justify keeping it around.

Reminds me of how much fun it was when I first tried Coda back in the day.

"Izzy set: A set of more than 4300 dream reports recorded by Izzy, a young woman passionate about collecting her dreams, over the course of 13 years from age 12 to age 25."

The dedication to chronicling your dreams that often is impressive.

My project for learning WidgetKit is just a random generator of death messages from NieR:Automata. A simple project, but fun to see how widgets work in iOS.

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