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well shit looks like i have to move instances again

I've been thinking about writing a fictional story where my self insert does psychedelics

More bad family and disability shit 

For the love of god get a nurse

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Disability, Family, bad shit 

I do not have the mental energy to take care of my disabled mother, she needs to get her fucking mind out of the gutter and get a goddamn nurse

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my political opinions are carefully cultivated from thousands of SJW cringe compilations by channels such as "PussyMaster04"

death grips fans when they see a random bald black man with a beard (they're racist)

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Forgot to tell y'all I got access to DALL-E 2

@luci is it just me or does nobody ever interact with posts on here

Is it just me or not a single person on here likes comments or reposts toots

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