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mfers really gotta learn that queerness is about Breaking The Rules On Attraction And Gender, not making a new set of "more inclusive" rules. the cishets won't respect you anymore if the Queerness Rules are more coherent.

"if you allow bi lesbians, cishet men won't respect lesbians' lack of attraction to men!" is an inherently flawed and self-defeating way of thinking. the cishet men won't respect you any more either way; stop trying to *earn* their respect, and start *demanding* it.

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covid19, study 

Status update / continuing my thread about moving to the US:

It's been more than 3.5 months.
I've finally got my own apartment now (as opposed to temporary housing, for which I'm really grateful to $job).
Yesterday my furniture and household stuff arrived. Today I got an Internet uplink set up -- Gigabit fiber for the first time! <3.

Things are getting better.
Slowly, I'm arriving.

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On blocking 

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“Being Alone”

An interesting look into managing loneliness by developing a relationship with yourself. Might be why some folks didn’t find lockdown all that uncomfortable

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I hate cops cause I'm queer and I know my history

Cops are responsible for upholding the Law. Historically, the Law where I live in France, the Law in the US, and in even more countries to this day has been written and geared against queer people like me. Being a cop meant and means having the duty to oppress, intimidate, kill me.

If you're queer you should know this. If you're queer you should show solidarity to black people and people of color who still face this issues to this day.

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Crass language; Techbros 

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"enjoy it while it lasts, high school will be the best time of your life" is code for "i'm straight, neurotypical and extremely boring"

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bunch of trans academics: you could have been using your chosen name all along
me: WHAT
trans academics: yeah your CV and journal titles aren't legal documents
me: WHAT

so trans academics who aren't aware of this, you can use your chosen name everywhere

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White people have this weird pessimism and doomsday mentality when they become aware of social injustices and inequalities that have been at play for hundreds of years. Not affected by, just aware.

I've always thought this was ironic b/c it shows how far removed they are from the cultures that have fought so they could be here and fully swallowed whiteness to define their world view.

It's almost as if there is no space for hope, optimism and joy in whiteness.

What a brutal way to live.

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I'm looking for first hand experience on photo organizing, best practices, software setup

what I'm trying to do
- organize 100+ GiB photos
- tag them
- have a nice way to back them up
- it's a plus if albums are easy to share through web, in that case it should serve lower resolution versions
- if it could deal with different versions of the same photo that'd be great (handling of RAW+JPEG)
- you know, the usual deal

🔁 welcome

After "Meh, all the interesting events are happening in $City", apparently the new thing is "Meh, all the interesting events are happening in $Timezone"...

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Dear people who are organizing an online conference:

In addition to the conference date(s), could you please announce anticipated times, with >>> timezones <<< ?
(Like, before you have an actual program)

That would help me figure out if there's a chance for me to participate during awake hours or not.


"How to Run a Zoom Cocktail Party"

This seems like a pretty good script for a structured social event using videoconferences.
It is also adaptable to other videoconferencing technology, but without breakout rooms, it's harder.

Another thing I saw which I thought was cool:
Someone just posted that they'd host a videoconference at a specific date and time, and everyone who wants to catch up can just join that conference.

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So I guess it helps if you can see that someone you know is currently available and happy to chat.
The digital hallway saves you the effort of having to reach out to everyone directly who you want to catch up with.
I think that's pretty convenient.

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I mean, at , which was moved online, they had a Jabber room, which sorta worked: I saw someone write something, wrote them a direct message, and we chatted a bit.

But the "hallway" virtual conference room didn't really work, I think. I joined after a session and there wasn't anyone there. Probably others would experience the same.

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I would love for distributed/online conferences to figure out how to emulate more than just talks and Q&A.

For example, what do a hallway track, a lounge, or even a social event look like?

I'm glad the CCC community is experimenting with such things.

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Just discovered that the CCC community back home is organizing a digital distributed online event this Easter.

Even if I'm 9 timezones away, which makes it not so easy to watch or participate in real time, it feels a little bit like home. Thanks! <3

A month after moving to the US, I have managed to at least establish some contact with people on my own timezone who are not my colleagues.

I mostly used social networking sites that have some notion of local (Bay Area) community.

Not sure if Mastodon has anything like that. That would have to be an instance related to a specific geographic area, right?

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