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White people have this weird pessimism and doomsday mentality when they become aware of social injustices and inequalities that have been at play for hundreds of years. Not affected by, just aware.

I've always thought this was ironic b/c it shows how far removed they are from the cultures that have fought so they could be here and fully swallowed whiteness to define their world view.

It's almost as if there is no space for hope, optimism and joy in whiteness.

What a brutal way to live.

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I'm looking for first hand experience on photo organizing, best practices, software setup

what I'm trying to do
- organize 100+ GiB photos
- tag them
- have a nice way to back them up
- it's a plus if albums are easy to share through web, in that case it should serve lower resolution versions
- if it could deal with different versions of the same photo that'd be great (handling of RAW+JPEG)
- you know, the usual deal

🔁 welcome

After "Meh, all the interesting events are happening in $City", apparently the new thing is "Meh, all the interesting events are happening in $Timezone"...

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Dear people who are organizing an online conference:

In addition to the conference date(s), could you please announce anticipated times, with >>> timezones <<< ?
(Like, before you have an actual program)

That would help me figure out if there's a chance for me to participate during awake hours or not.


"How to Run a Zoom Cocktail Party"

This seems like a pretty good script for a structured social event using videoconferences.
It is also adaptable to other videoconferencing technology, but without breakout rooms, it's harder.

Another thing I saw which I thought was cool:
Someone just posted that they'd host a videoconference at a specific date and time, and everyone who wants to catch up can just join that conference.

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So I guess it helps if you can see that someone you know is currently available and happy to chat.
The digital hallway saves you the effort of having to reach out to everyone directly who you want to catch up with.
I think that's pretty convenient.

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I mean, at , which was moved online, they had a Jabber room, which sorta worked: I saw someone write something, wrote them a direct message, and we chatted a bit.

But the "hallway" virtual conference room didn't really work, I think. I joined after a session and there wasn't anyone there. Probably others would experience the same.

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I would love for distributed/online conferences to figure out how to emulate more than just talks and Q&A.

For example, what do a hallway track, a lounge, or even a social event look like?

I'm glad the CCC community is experimenting with such things.

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Just discovered that the CCC community back home is organizing a digital distributed online event this Easter.

Even if I'm 9 timezones away, which makes it not so easy to watch or participate in real time, it feels a little bit like home. Thanks! <3

A month after moving to the US, I have managed to at least establish some contact with people on my own timezone who are not my colleagues.

I mostly used social networking sites that have some notion of local (Bay Area) community.

Not sure if Mastodon has anything like that. That would have to be an instance related to a specific geographic area, right?

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Call for Papers, Internet Research 

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I'm still figuring out how to stay in touch with all those people who are now 8 or 9 timezones away.

But I kind of also want to meet new people who are in the same timezone... (Pacific)

How is that supposed to work? I have no idea, but I guess it's worth trying... something.

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I moved to the US and started my new job almost two weeks ago.

Interesting times to be in a place where I barely know anybody, for sure.

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Also worth mentioning:

“If you are part of a group that is under-represented in Free and Open Source Software communities, we particularly encourage you to apply. We acknowledge that our project and team are not as diverse as we would like them to be. We understand that we're part of the problem. We want to be part of the solution.”

“Feel free to not include your legal name, gender, or photo in your CV.”

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The Tails team is looking for a “Privacy loving Linux generalist”:

Emphasis on the last two items in the list of requierements:
“• Have guts feelings or ethical reasons to be interested in online privacy.

• Like to learn new stuff: Tails is big and you probably don't know everything yet — nobody does!”

If you feel like applying, do it now!

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covid-19, working class, organizing 

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Many of you already do it but we want to ask and urge everyone on and of course on other instances to add a CW (corona or covid19) to *all* toots in a relation with the corona virus pandemic. Additionally adding the #covid19 hashtag is also a good idea to filter the toots.

The topic is important but there are a lot of people that are for example in a risk group and really don't want to hear every bad joke or every new headline. Help them and be a nice citizen of this instance.

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Are you a #rust developer?
are you working on a #FLOSS project in Rust?

Even if not, please :boost_ok:​ my informal mini survey far and wide!

Are you…

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