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Last night I saw a band called "Clash Clash Bang Bang", which plays "SciFi Rock".
Also, they look fabulous :3

Now at , Soheil Hassas Yeganeh is talking about TCP timestamping again, but this time refers to documentation online :)

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Next up, IPsec encapsulation in TCP presented by Sabrina Dubroca

I appreciate that they show a lot of code and technical details in some talks here :)
(Not shown in my picture)

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Now presented at by Hajime Tazaki: Is reimplementing the network stack a good idea? - Of course not!
With some protocol conformance measurements to back up the claim. Sadly using a closed-source tool.

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The keynote was given by Alissa Cooper, chair: "Open Source, the IETF, and You".
She told the story of joint development of standards and code for TLS 1.3 and QUIC, and then invited people in the Linux community to come and contribute in the IETF - joining the hackathon, writing drafts, or otherwise.

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At there was also a talk proposing to make some more IPv4 address space usable:
- 240/4 and 0/8 which are "Reserved for Future Use"
- 127/8 and 224/4 which are under-utilized
- Zeroth address of every subnet and broadcast address of some subnets

They have running code, now they want to do the politics.

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Improvements to UDP message receive calls presented at :
rcvmsg - Receive one message on one socket
recvmmsg - Receive multiple messages on one socket
--> recvmmmsg - Receive multiple messages on multiple sockets

I appreciate the naming :)

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Next up at : Low Latency Low Loss with scalable throughput.
Sounds too good to be true, but it's an experiment, let's see how it goes. :)

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This morning at : ILNP, an experimental protocol that separates identifier and locator. They implemented this protocol in Linux.
See also RFC6740 to 6748.

Learning about the quicly QUIC implementation at - now I know what a codec-style API is: It takes some data and returns a QUIC packet, and then the application controls when to send it.

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Now at : QUIC tutorial with Jana telling stories about middleboxes and performance improvements :)
About to dive into the details after the break.

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Happy , Mastodon!

Bisexual means being attracted to people of more than one gender.
Pink, purple, blue are our colors. <3

Presenting my poster later at (Applied Networking Research Workshop), which is co-located with
Based on my paper

Tonight I gave a presentation about IPv6 and tunneling at the ("Hosting For Yourself And Others") meetup in Berlin. It was fun. :)

[Photo of a network diagram on a whiteboard]


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