Just discovered that the CCC community back home is organizing a digital distributed online event this Easter.

Even if I'm 9 timezones away, which makes it not so easy to watch or participate in real time, it feels a little bit like home. Thanks! <3

I would love for distributed/online conferences to figure out how to emulate more than just talks and Q&A.

For example, what do a hallway track, a lounge, or even a social event look like?

I'm glad the CCC community is experimenting with such things.

I mean, at , which was moved online, they had a Jabber room, which sorta worked: I saw someone write something, wrote them a direct message, and we chatted a bit.

But the "hallway" virtual conference room didn't really work, I think. I joined after a session and there wasn't anyone there. Probably others would experience the same.

So I guess it helps if you can see that someone you know is currently available and happy to chat.
The digital hallway saves you the effort of having to reach out to everyone directly who you want to catch up with.
I think that's pretty convenient.


Another thing I saw which I thought was cool:
Someone just posted that they'd host a videoconference at a specific date and time, and everyone who wants to catch up can just join that conference.

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