I moved to the US and started my new job almost two weeks ago.

Interesting times to be in a place where I barely know anybody, for sure.

I'm still figuring out how to stay in touch with all those people who are now 8 or 9 timezones away.

But I kind of also want to meet new people who are in the same timezone... (Pacific)

How is that supposed to work? I have no idea, but I guess it's worth trying... something.

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A month after moving to the US, I have managed to at least establish some contact with people on my own timezone who are not my colleagues.

I mostly used social networking sites that have some notion of local (Bay Area) community.

Not sure if Mastodon has anything like that. That would have to be an instance related to a specific geographic area, right?

Status update / continuing my thread about moving to the US:

It's been more than 3.5 months.
I've finally got my own apartment now (as opposed to temporary housing, for which I'm really grateful to $job).
Yesterday my furniture and household stuff arrived. Today I got an Internet uplink set up -- Gigabit fiber for the first time! <3.

Things are getting better.
Slowly, I'm arriving.

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It's been a while, so maybe it's time for another update:

I've been here in the US for 7.5 months now. I still haven't set up all my furniture, lol. (But most of it!)
Otherwise, I feel like I've adjusted pretty well. I have local friends now! It's not easy to build your local social network from scratch during a pandemic, and not being able to travel "home" doesn't help. But I'm making progress.

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@NerdResa Huhu. Schön von dir zu lesen, dass es dir gut geht. o/


at least in germany, there exist instances for geographic areas (like cities, regions, etc.)

I've had also great success in going to sport clubs, playing teamsports, and being politically active. Many political active places also organize presentations, etc. That is a great way to meet new people.

I wish you good luck!

@fruechtchen Thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to a time when I can go to community events and be active again :)

@NerdResa This is one of Mastodon's major weaknesses. I have often griped about the lack of support for special-interest groups of any kind. :-/

@amsomniac @woozle Interesting! But also that's kind of what hashtags are for, right?

@amsomniac @NerdResa
Kind of hard to curate that sort of thing, though. You can't tell someone "no, that's my keyword, and what you're posting about isn't the topic I'm using it for". So it doesn't really address the same need.

...unless GnuSoc does let group admins remove unwanted posts?

@woozle @amsomniac I guess an instance moderator could delete posts if somebody was spamming a hashtag, if that's what you mean. And for posts that are not really spamming but just not relevant to your usage of the hashtag, you could just mute the person, right?
Haven't really tried that.

And right, that doesn't solve the issue that people don't seem to use hashtags a lot here.

@jalcine Thanks for the link! A shame that it's defunct though.

@NerdResa I check in on the #Oakland hash tag every now and then; but that's about it :(

@zee @NerdResa As already noted in the first post, joinmastodon.org/ → Category: Regional? I use two Mastodon accounts, depending on context. That's one of the strengths of Mastodon, you can have as many accounts you like. :)

@Steinar @NerdResa I've tried the multi-mastodon approach but it's hard to keep up and frustrating.

If there was a unified web-client that let me context switch pretty seamlessly it may be less of an issue; but I tend to just use my main (@zee) instead of my alts (@Zee, @zee)

@zee @Steinar I've considered making more accounts, but honestly I barely post on this one. So I don't think I would actually use multiple ones or figure out what to post on which account.

@NerdResa@cybre.space Or maybe a hashtag. I've found people a few times with the local-area hashtag.

@NerdResa oh hi fellow Bay Area resident! ^_^ I also would really love to have some sort of geographic aspect to Masto - I know there's a lot of folks here in Berkeley/Oakland/SF, but it would be great to find other folks out of that core.

@bouncinglime Hi! :3 Yea, I'm down in South Bay, not sure how many of us are here. But I'll see if I can find some new people to follow...

@NerdResa wow missed a big thing here o.o

Congrats you are arriving :3

@NerdResa :yayblob: that sounds like it worked out pretty good so far, I'm happy for you :)

@NerdResa hooray local friends!

And yeah, I hear you on the setting up a new life in a pandemic. Not quite as disruptive a move (Livermore -> Fremont for school) but trying to make friends is hard. :/

Where in the Bay are you, and do you have a bicycle?

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