On my way to in Prague - Looking forward to three days of Linux Networking talks, workshops, tutorials… and hopefully lots of human networking as well.

It's going to be my first event in the Linux kernel community. I'm curious and a bit nervous. But mostly excited. :)

First session today:
TCP Analytics!
Started with an overview talk over TCP_INFO and TCP Timestamps.

I really hope this was recorded because the documentation is terrible, as the speaker admitted.

Interesting RFC4898 and TCP-BPF stuff being presented at .

However, what I learned from the first three talks today: Cool TCP stuff is done by Google and Facebook, while academia isn't getting any funding for it.
That makes me sad.

Now at : QUIC tutorial with Jana telling stories about middleboxes and performance improvements :)
About to dive into the details after the break.


Learning about the quicly QUIC implementation at - now I know what a codec-style API is: It takes some data and returns a QUIC packet, and then the application controls when to send it.

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