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Hello, time for ! :)

I'm a networking geek and researcher living in Berlin, currently working on a PhD in Computer Science. On a technical level, I like access networks such as WiFi and mobile networks, I like measurement and understanding performance, and I do low-level user-space programming in C. I sometimes talk about science, free software, and tech communities, among other things.

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I love this video on why some Asian people swap r's and l's in English.

Some takeaways:

* They don't do it like in racist American movies

* English l and r are really weird sounds that can be hard to make and hear. We just don't notice that because we're used to them

* Native English speakers are at least as bad at hearing tones in languages like Chinese that use them. Tones sound the same to us for the same reasons r and l sound the same to others

Just thought Mastodon might appreciate, as this band is quite cybre. :3

Last night I saw a band called "Clash Clash Bang Bang", which plays "SciFi Rock".
Also, they look fabulous :3

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Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

The next few months are going to be more or less permanent deadline mode.
Fun times...
But afterwards, I'll be done, and that's a huge motivation.

Meanwhile, I'm busy writing up my dissertation.
It's about access network selection, i.e., how to choose between WiFi and LTE for different traffic and when/how much this can improve application performance.

For those who were following or are interested:
Reports from Netdev 0x13 were posted, including write-ups of many of the sessions:

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Hey, sys admins, personal ops folks, hobbyists that do operations or dabble - we should all talk under the #libreops hashtag when we're live tooting an operations event, like DB updates, rolling out new versions of public services, etc.

we have a lot of adjacent folks here with varying levels of experience doing operations and i bet a few more who are voyeristically watching.

This'll help make it discoverable and enable us to engage one another with help when needed.

food 4 thought

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Katie Bouman, the scientist behind the first image of a black hole. Katie created an algorithm that made the image possible #WomenInSTEM #womensart

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The fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada and all their friends, federating. But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and friends? How about Adverse? It's true: a universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that the offer plenty of adversity.

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Firefox admits they will eventually be sending all of your DNS to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will monetize your internet browsing, no matter how much their PR people say they are.

If you want to disable that, go to "about:config", and set "network.trr.mode" to 5.

The values are: 0 - default off, 1 - race, 2 TRR first, 3 TRR only, 4 shadow, 5 off by choice

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PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.

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New website for the #IETF #TLS Working Group, bringing together all things related to TLS - (link:

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PSA, please boost! If you take testosterone as a shot, one thing you need to watch out for is the vial "crystalizing". I was warned about this, but had no idea what it looked like until my vial was quite advanced. I've attached photos so others know what the crystals look like. The crystals will dissolve if you gently warm it up by putting it in your pocket for 5-10 minutes. If they don't, it's time to get a new vial.

hackathon done - it was quite fun! :)

We extended our TAPS implementation, which now speaks TLS.
Soon it'll also offer the choice between TCP and UDP, depending on the application requirements.
And then, maybe, QUIC? :)

Now at , Soheil Hassas Yeganeh is talking about TCP timestamping again, but this time refers to documentation online :)

Next up, IPsec encapsulation in TCP presented by Sabrina Dubroca

I appreciate that they show a lot of code and technical details in some talks here :)
(Not shown in my picture)

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