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Reason looks like it's putting out an interesting documentary about the "cypherpunk movement"... an important thing to document

It's easy to forget that for much of the 90s, the kind of cryptography we all rely on today was more or less outlawed. Much of the advocacy prior to legalization was civil disobedience, under the threat of government punishment. Without this work we'd be in a much scarier timeline (yes, even scarier than 2020 is today).


"What's it like?"

Obvious question, by inference, but she wanted to get Creusa's cadence down.

"What's what like?"

A hand gesture she couldn't parse.


"Being disconnected."


"You're deflecting."


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"Your parents?"


"And socialised."

"Sure. Is this going somewhere Hegelian?"



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"No backups."


"No flashclones for faking your death."

"Oddly specific."

"That's isn't a no."

"I've never cloned myself."

"You're still a copy."

"Of what?"

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"You've never been backed up?"

"Like that Netflix show?"

"It doesn't work like that."

"Close enough. I don't have a backup."

"You have a jack."

"Burned it shut."

"Bad trip?"


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"Sure. Let's go with that. What kind of a name is Creusa, anyway?"

"Took it from the Aeneid."

"So you're an inferior copy?"

"We're all someone's."


"You don't believe me."

"Of course not."

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"Less than you'd think."

Cherry red stapler set down on the desk with a hard thud. Hiss of air escapes her lips.

Hand waves behind the desk.

"Creusa, this is Nicole. Acquisitions."

"You have a cipher on retainer?"

Former, not that it mattered.

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"Hey. Hands off that."

//CASE FILE 0021:

Confirmation bias does to some extent dictate the fundamental nature of reality.

idk just bury me with my bitcoin or someshit

i was out before she reached the office ok i wouldn't msg you if she had any idea im not an idiot

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someone set off the sprinklers. idk if she had time to check whole building got evacuated

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