I’m really sorry that I still see anyone defending Julian Assange in fucking 2022.

Apart from the sexual abuse (a big thing to gloss over), he was a willing agent of the worst countries on the planet. There is a lot of evidence he worked with Russia’s FSB in essentially destabilizing operations.

He belongs in jail.


@szbalint the probleme is not about his life and choices, the problem is about setting a precendent on journalism and information. That's why people still act against his extradition. Not seeing this is a problem to me. I'm not sayin he's a clean guy, i'm sayin united states should not put their hands on him.

@Nemo @szbalint Agreed -- due process, freedom of the press, and whistleblowing are still things to defend. Assange turns out to be an asshole, but you work with the court cases you get...

@Nemo Does it set a precedent if Assange is convicted? No. As he is not a journalist.

Isn’t it worrysome for freedom of speech though if that happens? Also no. What he did is very specific and I do not worry about it setting any examples.

There are literally hundreds of other civil liberties related cases that are more important than his.

@szbalint how is showing truth and informing not journalism ? How is a case this mediatized, about this very subject, not important ? It seems like you don't care. Good for you. But i wouldn't mix your interest in the matter and the importance of it, as it clearly is a different problem. US trying to shutdown people who revealed horrible stuff they did is a big world problem, no matter how you see it.

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