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Deponia, Mini-Analysis 

Played again after like 7 years. It's wild to think I misunderstood the story and the main character so drastically back then. Was too immersed in adventure game tropes I didn't (want to?) see how the game just wrecks them.
Intend to finish all 4 games to have my adult brain suck up the full story this time.

mass effect andromeda first hour 

I played the beginning a second time just now and it was a lot easier to focus on the dialog and the intended experience, which made it a lot better.
But whoof that first time I was so gosh darn distracted by the lack of voice direction, the janky cinematics and the super aggressive colonial tone.
It runs pretty great on with btw!

Finally created the pull request of my implementation of the dialog camera for , a re-implementation of 1 and 2, my favorite games!
Very happy to have contributed to preserving my favorite experience :patcat:


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