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Playing FF7R and most surprised and delighted by the cat rendering.

I want this model kit of a PDP-11 but its really hard to get.
I just want some Blinkenlights in my life.

What is it about the visuals of 8bit CRPGs that I love so dang much? My ADHD ass doesn't like playing them for more than a single session. But I really, *really* wanna make a game that looks like this on a classic 8bit plattform.

Finally finished another video essay. This time on Neo Cab!

sway, nvidia, vent 

Nothing like a little "we don't care about your common hardware configuration" to make me feel appreciated.

I finally finished my 3D narrative experience about my trans experience! Its really short!

gender, typo 

was dissapointed when I installed it and it was "neutral"

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Tried the simplest possible thing to do with my hair and liked it

Finnaly got around to putting the stickers I bought last month on. Not too sure how I feel about them. Will have to see

toxische maskulinität in einem yt kommentar 

Ich: mache eine feministische Kritik eines Videospiels und hebe positive Männerbilder hervor.

I just clicked around in Godot for an hour and I rather like the look I ended up with. Easy to set up SSAO, DOF and colors, it fun

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