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Has anybody been sued yet because they ran a peertube instance with copyrighted material? Even DMCA'd?

I'm considering setting one up for anime video essays that do not replace watching the original anime but would need a bunch of annoying altering to pass YouTube's ContentID. For friends that are fed up having to reupload the same essay 10 times hoping it passes this time. And if only for the "original, not annoying version" of the videos, while still struggling to get *something* on YouTube for the reach.

Is this dumb? Should it be safe for the near future at least? What say people that know about Peertube?

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@NBLena While I appreciate nobody is really going after peertube instances, you likely would also be violating the TOS for your hosting provider or even your home bandwidth provider by not providing content moderation per the DMCA. Not saying you shouldn't because fuck'em, just pointing out another possible snag.

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