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I just wanna write CoCs and shove them down FOSSbro throats until they can't breathe

"EAT MY CoC" I yell!


spent half of my work day today setting up a writefreely instance for myself

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If you believe any of these are "inevitable", examine how you came by that belief, and who benefits from it.

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Advances I believe have a very strong chance of *never* happening due to fundamental limitations in their problem spaces:
- VR that is comfortable for multi-hour use
- carbon-neutral intercontinental air travel
- direct brain-computer interfaces
- long term biological suspended animation
- interstellar travel
- instantaneous interstellar communication
- quantum teleportation

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Overconfidence in the specific path or overall rate of technological process serves capitalist expansionism. You can perpetrate all kinds of harmful shit if you believe tech is going to take care of the externalities later. That doesn't mean don't dream of better possibilities, just don't assume that scifi concept X is eventually going to become a reality simply because you really want it to.

Thinking about the AMIGA makes me happy

helo I'm surviving and having fun sometimes and thats enough

Blender 2.8 or Godot 3.0 only give empty windows tho, darn old graphics chip

Installed Mojave on a mid 2009 macbook pro and feel like the macbook pro

is me

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If women’s nipples need to be censored but men’s nipples don’t—can we sensor women’s nipples with men’s nipples? :meowthinkingfast:

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A year ago, the only person who knew the name of the project besides @dansup was @yabirgb the @anfora developer.

Some might see us as competitors, we see it differently.

Together Anfora and Pixelfed are working to build fediverse features like Federated Filters, Live Streaming and Stories.

It's better when you work together.

#fediverse #activityPub #federation #cooperation

I just learned the KdenLive refactor release is out and I am legit excited

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#SuperTuxKart is a free open game similar to Mario Kart, featuring open source mascots as the main characters.

The latest version (1.0) was released a couple of days ago, and introduces online multiplayer 🌐

There's also a story mode, single player, local multiplayer, various game types and lots of mods.

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android:


@ChrisWere did a detailed video about it a while ago, which includes gameplay footage:


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im SICK of hearing this BULL CRAP.
CLOUDS ARE NOT COMPUTERS. good fucking luck trying to get minecraft running in the FUCKING SKY. wifi doesnt ever reach THAT FAR UP!!!

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minecraft story mode final boss: notch, kill notch

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