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I finally finished my 3D narrative experience about my trans experience! Its really short!

@g "Covert Critter ist Metal Gear Solid but with Lizards", had to think of you:

Playing FF7R and most surprised and delighted by the cat rendering.

Had a job interview for a react project without prior react experience. went alright!

I have a lot of technical expertise but very little ideas what to actually make and would probably really benefit from working with others

is really interesting so far. I like how I disagree with Zs Methods but understand and agree with her reasoning. Like a left wing crime boss.
Am eager to see how it develops and how the story ultimatively frames her cause i can see it going either way. Dang it Hussie, you got me again.

I want this model kit of a PDP-11 but its really hard to get.
I just want some Blinkenlights in my life.

mass effect 2, fascism 

The Illusive Man is what Elon Musk wished he was

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mass effect 2, fascism 

Meanwhile, I've been playing Mass Effect 2 for my next video and I remembered it being.... less inconsistent in quality and.... fashy.....

Been playing Morrowind with OpenMW and minimal mods and having an absolute blast

Can we regulate blockchain away, like, as a globe

Has anybody been sued yet because they ran a peertube instance with copyrighted material? Even DMCA'd?

I'm considering setting one up for anime video essays that do not replace watching the original anime but would need a bunch of annoying altering to pass YouTube's ContentID. For friends that are fed up having to reupload the same essay 10 times hoping it passes this time. And if only for the "original, not annoying version" of the videos, while still struggling to get *something* on YouTube for the reach.

Is this dumb? Should it be safe for the near future at least? What say people that know about Peertube?

Please boost!

What is it about the visuals of 8bit CRPGs that I love so dang much? My ADHD ass doesn't like playing them for more than a single session. But I really, *really* wanna make a game that looks like this on a classic 8bit plattform.

And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android:

been eaten alive by this video for the last month, but I'm glad to have it out finally. I know the title sounds odd, but it's probably one of the most important and pertinent videos I’ve made so far:

White Supremacy & The Coronavirus

I haven't seen this being shared yet but
Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share fee May 1st!

Great time to help support artists and get some new music!

Writing a Wordpress plugin for the first time and having Not A Bad Time™️

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