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I finally finished my 3D narrative experience about my trans experience! Its really short!

And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android:

Mein neuestes Video durfte ich für das Hooked Magazin erstellen! Zu #foss #gaming - eine Einführung in #opensource Engine Remakes!

been eaten alive by this video for the last month, but I'm glad to have it out finally. I know the title sounds odd, but it's probably one of the most important and pertinent videos I’ve made so far:

White Supremacy & The Coronavirus

I haven't seen this being shared yet but
Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share fee May 1st!

Great time to help support artists and get some new music!

Writing a Wordpress plugin for the first time and having Not A Bad Time™️

Finally finished another video essay. This time on Neo Cab!

A social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings trying to build Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Grab Neofeud & help this one-person indie dev finish the sequel!

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It's actually called ÜFI. The UEFI spelling is just to be ASCII compatible

Animal Crossing New Horizons has opened up a whole new aspect of gender theory by calling it "style" instead

I don't have a gender, but I sure as FUCK have a style

just tried using jami for a video call

it's actually pretty dang good the stuff about local accounts and conf calls is a must read though

Dev friens, I would like your opinions! 💻🙋🧵⬇️💖

Which online tools/web apps/sites do you find yourself returning to, or choosing over other offerings, or just make your job better and why?

Queer sexy criminals! Now TWICE as long! Version 2.0 of Jade is ready -- it's the first entry in a new series, and it's pretty great~

Cw: implied sex, violence, homophobic slur

Donna Jackson is the longest lasting employee at iD Software.

She was hired as an office caretaker during the production of Wolfenstein 3D when the guys realized they can't keep their office in any reasonable shape. She was quickly nicknamed "iD Mom" as she took care of organizing what initially looked more like a teenager's living space instead of an office.

During her time at iD she also acquired experience in game design and playtesting. She still runs the iD Software office today and is the first person to greet you at the lobby.

Bobby Prince named 's E3M2 BGM "Donna to the Rescue" after her:

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