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Since this instance has apparently been blocked by another because of a single rogue user - that has been dealt with at that - please also follow my alt just in case: @MiriMayhem

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Hi Mastodon (what's the Mastodon equivalent of Tweeps? Meeps?), time to introduce myself:

I'm Miri, my pronouns are she/her, level 30 and I live in NRW, Germany. I'm in training to become a nurse.
In private I like to listening to music and/or playing games (still trying to figure out Twitch).

I'm speaking English (pronounciation could be better, lack of training) and German. Also, currently I'm learning DGS (German Sign Language).

DriveThruRPG deplatforms anti-establishment works without notice and steals your money to pay for their laziness. Comrades, repeat the Signal! Circulate *Police Procedure*!

It's Chelsea Manning’s birthday on December 17th!

Cards aren't allowed, but letters are & printouts of photos of cards should be ok.

Here's her mailing address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

Also remember: It's not consent if you really don't have a choice. You don't need to 'consent' to capitalism in order to take a job, if without said job you would starve or freeze to death.

That's coercion you're talking about.

lesbian discourse thoughts; dw you've heard all this before anyway 

searching for an apartment in Berlin, boosts + 

Daily reminder to kiss girls, it's great, it's healthy, it's gay

oh hell yeah i updated the cover art for ride eternal and it's amazenuttes

Why is it so much easier to show pre-transition photos to others than dealing with that damn deadname just for myself???
One thing doesn't make the other easier, not in the slightest... 😫

Lately my FB feed changed and it now mainly consists of trans memes and shitposting. I'm fine with it. 😁

Anyway, this is less a 'black friday' thing and more that I just haven't given out any codes for this remaster album yet, and wanted to, so here's some codes for Second Chances

(take them to


How can you keep a straight face when you're not?

I've got a free month of Origin Access. What should I definitely check out?


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