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Since this instance has apparently been blocked by another because of a single rogue user - that has been dealt with at that - please also follow my alt just in case: @MiriMayhem

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Hi Mastodon (what's the Mastodon equivalent of Tweeps? Meeps?), time to introduce myself:

I'm Miri, my pronouns are she/her, level 30 and I live in NRW, Germany. I'm in training to become a nurse.
In private I like to listening to music and/or playing games (still trying to figure out Twitch).

I'm speaking English (pronounciation could be better, lack of training) and German. Also, currently I'm learning DGS (German Sign Language).

shitty cis questions, GRS 

Chelsea Manning 

also my owl from Ollivanders finally returned. I finally have a wand again 💚 This muggle-tech is quite nice, but I need my magic...

@nightpool @chr nvm... tried a sixths time (same file) and it just worked.

Never thought, I'd ever wear a tie again...
Img-CW: Selfie, EC

@nightpool @chr When I try to upload a photo for a toot, I get a 500 Internal Server Error as a pop-up. Is this a known issue?

People wearing own deadname
"GitLab, a San Francisco-based provider of hosted git software, recently changed its company handbook to declare it won't ban potential customers on "moral/value grounds," and that employees should not discuss politics at work."

Please send help, I actuary used the word 'prior' in a serious sentence.

Found this on FB, the original doesn't seem to exist anymore:

the American Mathematical Society just published a free ebook called Living Proof, a collection of mathematicians recounting their often turbulent paths to where they are now. i've read a few of the stories and i think this is an amazing read, not just for scholars of math, but for anyone who is doing something where they simply don't feel "smart enough" to succeed. success is often made up of struggle and failure; this can be difficult to remember in our current times.

link: is having service problems right now "thanks" to our hosting provider, but i want to reassure everyone here that we have no intention of taking the instance down entirely, and we have appropriate backups just in case the worst happens (which have been tested to be restorable). isn't going anywhere.

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Never thought I could like Biker Boots at all, but these are just beautiful and I wanna have them... Someone wanna sponsor me? 😅

Referring to myself I love to use the term 'Lesbian' but using 'Homosexual' feels weird. Is it just me?

Noone should ever have to come out.
Stop this cis-hetero-normative BS and stop assuming peoples gender and/or preferences. Diversity should be the norm!

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