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mastodon instance pals, I hope you won't mind if I ask you to take part in a quick straw poll. Please –

♻Boost if you would prefer images on a CW'd post to be marked NSFW by default

🌟Favourite if you'd prefer they stay completely unlinked

thank you!

academia stuff, positive 

Hi, I just want to say I love grad students. I love students in general, actually.

Obviously there's individual variation (and some real jerks out there), but overall the refrain of my academic experience is "the faculty/admins failed, the students came through."

UK politics 

Labour didn't win, that's the point of a hung parliament - nobody wins. Then again we may very well have another election this year so there's still hope

What if cyberpunk, but also Cthulhu

(tbh this is most of Charlie Stross's writing)


Please have your memes ready for inspection

Britain's railways are a legacy system. They're not even fully electrified yet.

Ultra-pure. Gold plated. Sound enhancing. With n.cronomicon technology 

Not available from Lidl

best line: "The problem was that the OTA was reality-based and reality has a well-known liberal bias."
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I re-activated my facebook account to briefly get in touch with someone I couldn't reach otherwise and inside of a day I have family sending me conspiracy articles about international jewish conspiracies and like holy shit people come on

I like the theme here!

I'm Filip, a software developer doing all manner of web things. I'm also at


the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: