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Yeees this is why only having 4 hours sleep is bad

tired: running an airport well
wired: taking 80 minutes since landing to unload bags from a plane, also badly fucking up load balancing the reclaim belts

Don't read if you're an accelerationist utilitarian LessWrong/MIRI type 

Your version of hell suuuuuuuucks

Roko's Basilisk, but the torture is actually having to listen to people take Roko's Basilisk seriously for eternity

Is there a infrastructure or trains oriented instance?

Rejected title card sketch for the upcoming new season, seen in the rubbish bin after the creative director walked away from it the day before the main meeting, smelling strongly of cheap cider and muttering something about 'aesthetic'...

QGIS is great but damn those renderer bugs get annoying at times. Half the layers shouldn't disappear because I've scrolled the map!

User: “Hi, I’d like to hear a torrent .”
Tracker: “I will refer you to people who can tell you a joke.”

Peer 1: “Why d”
Peer 2: “cken”
Peer 3: “road?”
Peer 4: “id th”
Peer 3: “cross”
Peer 1: “e chi”
Peer 5: “ the”

Peer 2: “the o”
Peer 4: “To ge”
Peer 1: “side.”
Peer 5: “ther “
Peer 2: “t to "

[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] the glitching hour begins~ registrations are now open!

hi my names Bob Schchrrurrk, and in this talk id like to introduce you to Resilient System Architectures. y'see, we accidentally deleted our production database, but thankfully our servers were so misconfigured that the users were actually using the staging database, so it was completely ok,

@Elizafox "hey steve, the AI's talking about the futility of existence again"

"man i thought we fixed that bug. just inject more dopamine packets into the neural network, we're shipping next week"

mastodon instance pals, I hope you won't mind if I ask you to take part in a quick straw poll. Please –

♻Boost if you would prefer images on a CW'd post to be marked NSFW by default

🌟Favourite if you'd prefer they stay completely unlinked

thank you!

academia stuff, positive 

Hi, I just want to say I love grad students. I love students in general, actually.

Obviously there's individual variation (and some real jerks out there), but overall the refrain of my academic experience is "the faculty/admins failed, the students came through."

UK politics 

Labour didn't win, that's the point of a hung parliament - nobody wins. Then again we may very well have another election this year so there's still hope

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