Dang. I know I haven't been using mastodon much lately, but I'm really bummed to see cybre.space closing.

Gotta find a new instance. Anyone got recommendations for cool tootzones?

fitness, weight loss 

so at the end of 2020, I started working out with a Whoop band and while it helped me stick to a routine of working out, (Ring Fit Adventure what up) I didn't feel like I was any more in shape after about a year of using it.

At the beginning of this year I got a fitbit (one of the fancy smartwatch kinds) and started using the calorie and weight trackers

I now weigh less than I did like... 15 years ago and am in WAY better shape. I'm not going to credit fitbit with that, but instead just "Finding the right tool"

anyone else remember growing up being told that "community" is the place where you "live, work and play"?

and yet, these days (in america, anyway) all three of those things are pretty far apart?


So, since solarpunks.social shut down, I had to relocate. Was wishing for (and received!) an invite to cybre.space but apparently I've had an account here since 2017? Supreme fail, Plates.

Hello world!


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