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New release on my netlabel Sylicate !!!

'Themes for ear-blinded people' by Soïa Zahra

Available now on bandcamp (NYP)
CDs are coming soon

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hi! i'm an enby screaming engiqueer girl who studies electronics, i also make music and digital art related stuff, i love modular synthesizers and i'm interested in almost every scientific domain ! i love low-level programming, cute little chips, rhythmic and stealth games.
pleased to meet you :hacker_f: :hacker_u: :hacker_u: :hacker_f:

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Instead of 'Forget-me-not', try saying 'Miozoto.'

Je fous de la hard trance à fond mes voisins doivent me haïr

merci le crous de pas m'avoir mit d'alarme incendie

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