girl: trying blue lipstick today
thirty year old cis white male .social user: Oh, um... That's certainly interesting! I definitely prefer red lipstick, though. When a woman is aroused, her lips flush red, so red lipstick is a great aide in making you appear fertile.

i know this is a strawman that i invented but reading this makes me want to put on my blue lipstick

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@lynnesbian ive had someone say this to me almost verbatim at work once

@lynnesbian seriously, though, i wasnt even wearing a weird color, iirc i wasnt wearing lipstick at all, dude just unprompted told me i should wear red more bc it makes girls look turned on

anyway that dude was a regular and i came in for a week after that w/ black lipstick

@lynnesbian i think if someone tries to come up w/ an extreme edge-case to demonstrate a point and someone can come forward w/ that exact scenario having happened to them, everyone involved should win a free pizza

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