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Scott Aaronson wrote: [...]given the way civilization seems to be headed, I’m actually mildly in favor of superintelligences coming into being sooner rather than later. Like, given the choice between a hypothetical paperclip maximizer destroying the galaxy, versus a delusional autocrat burning civilization to the ground while his supporters cheer him on and his opponents fight amongst themselves, I’m just about ready to take my chances with the AI. Sure, superintelligence is scary, but stupidity has already been given its chance and been found wanting.

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@hypolite we *could* go for, like, new forms of government

Really that's what superintelligence would need to do anyways

It would need to pay a lot of attention to us, listen to our concerns, act as a mediator...

And if you can express all those as optimization functions you get an AI negotiator that is to human negotiation as computer vision is to human vision

@hypolite so, useful, like a better version of those lawyer bots that help immigrants via facebook

But you still need a human involved to tell it what to care about

@LogicalDash I'd rather not think too much about what we could do and what is actually happening because it's never been further apart in my lifetime. I truly share the feeling expressed above that any existential risk isn't worse than the contempt rich humans have for pretty much anything else these days.

@hypolite ok, but that works better as an argument for violent revolution than for robots

It's mostly rich humans building the robots, and the paperclips are your browsing habits and stuff

@LogicalDash Indeed, but the prospects of a violent revolution are slim, and that it would usher a better society even slimmer. On the contrary, that greed-motivated rich robot builders fuck up and end up sealing our fate seems way more probable to me.

@hypolite well, that means siding with the superintelligence is submission to the rich

So this is an argument for inaction

Unless you're in charge of robots I guess


@hypolite I too have difficulty imagining the way to a better world, and a part of my motivation for making LiSE is to make that easier to imagine

@LogicalDash I wanted to do the same with a macro level geopolitical simulation, but the size of the task finally got the better of me.
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