from Rebecca Solnit's _Orwell's Roses_

weirdly this is *exactly the opposite* of how i feel about writing. writing is the physical record of linguistic bodies, squished and spread on dead trees or twisting crystals with electricity (or whatever). it's all about physical connection through the senses

orwell's roses 

Solnit is contrasting writing with gardening, a supposedly "direct experience" that is "clear, definite, immediate," and arguing that Orwell's gardening hobby was a gesture of political resistance, just like Winston Smith's insistence on truisms like "stones are hard" in _Nineteen Eighty-Four_. but one of the things that helps propaganda to operate is exactly the kind of denial of the material conditions of its creation (who wrote this? for what purpose?) that Solnit is engaging in


orwell's roses 

@aparrish "in order to connect to it in the far-reaching way that is other people elsewhere reading the words that came together in this contemplative state"

is the contemplative state not a person writing for a purpose?

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orwell's roses 

@LogicalDash i used "purpose" as an example of material conditions because i was running out of characters, haha. but there's much more to a piece of writing's "purpose" (broadly construed) than simply felicitous transmission of a mental state. and besides, transmitting subjective mental states isn't even an objective of many forms of writing. it's just a very limited view of what writing is and how it operates imo

orwell's roses 

@aparrish @LogicalDash

I'm never in the same state of mind two days in a row for any reason, regardless of whether it's writing or gardening we're talking about. :D

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