using marginalized identites to shield oppressive institutions 

@polymerwitch In neither case do these things actually collapse "overnight"

We need to think ahead for how to sunset copyright, and the people who are loudest against copyright are not thinking that way. The loudest pirates mostly like having a lot of stuff (actual free culture people aren't like this)

On this very social network I had a weird conversation with someone who thought that the solution to The Facebook Problem was to revert to personal blogs and email for everyone. When I tried to point out that most current Facebook users never communicated either of those ways and won't know what to do with them, they didn't seem to understand the issue and repeatedly accused me of working for Facebook

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using marginalized identites to shield oppressive institutions 

@polymerwitch I think this most recent Facebook outage was pretty funny, I don't object if you took some schadenfreude from it either

Schadenfreude is good for preaching to the choir, which I honestly think is a good thing for an organizer to do, but it's worse than useless for outreach

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